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At Allerton Bywater Primary School, we always try our best and always work hard to achieve our goals.

When we go home on a night, we are often too tired to talk about all the learning that we have done that day – so now you can share our learning with us and see what we get up to when we are at school!

We hope you enjoy sharing our learning and achievements. Please leave comments on our blog to let us know what you think.




15 thoughts on “Welcome to Allerton Bywater Primary School’s Blog

  1. Abigail Butterfield

    Hi there, my name is Abigail Butterfield and if you don’t already know I have been selected to be children’s Lord Mayor of Leeds. My manifesto is focused on bullying and soon I will be reading my manifesto out to The Lord Mayor himself and 9 other finalists. I would really appreciate it if you could vote for me!! Although I am only 10 years old I think my idea could change Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire. My other classmates and peers are really proud of me and I hope you are too. To vote for me you will need to enter your email address and select 2 other finalists. Voting ends on 4th November at 5pm.
    Go to this site; http://www.breeze.co.uk/mayor2014
    Or search: children’s mayor of Leeds 2014 in.
    (By the way I’m the one with the glasses on)

    My other message is: this school is great!! Staff and pupils are well mannered and are always there for each other. The standard of education taught here is amazing. I certainly recommend this school to other citizens of Allerton Bywater.

  2. Abigail Sophia Butterfield

    Year 6 had an AMAZING time on our residential at Ingleborough Hall.
    We first got on the coach and few people (including me) had a few tears as we had never been away from parents and people from home this long before. Eventually, the coach was full of smiles and sweets from us. The journey went quite quickly.
    Ingleborough is definitely a place i will be visiting again. If you would like to see where we were staying search:Ingleborough hall, into google.

  3. Phoebe uttley

    Dear miss hamilton i loved listening to
    charlie and joabs weather report love

  4. Abi

    It has been almost 3 weeks since stressing SATs but I would just like to say a massive well done to all of year 6. I have every faith in every persons . Well done

  5. Helen Hayton

    F2 T all look lovely so grown up in their uniforms. The harvest festival was fantastic such brilliant singers and so sensible walking to church what superstars !.

  6. Lucy

    Well year 6 is awesome but so worried for SAts it is going to be so hard but I know how much effort mr Ivel I puting in I hope I get through
    Love Lucy

  7. Julie hicken

    Looks like year 6 have had a fantastic time thank you to everyone who looked after the children and took part in there stay this is something the children will look back on and never forget in years to come xxxx

  8. Tim Matthews

    I went to Allerton Bywater primary school over 50 years ago. It was some of the best years of my life. Its great to see its thriving and still producing great memories for children.

  9. Petra

    Fab to see such varied learning in my children’s year groups. Big thanks to all teachers especially Mr A, who my child says is BFF because he recognises how hard my child tries and Miss Firth. My child in her class NEVER used to discuss school with me, and now spontaneously tells me favourite learning activity each day. Keep doing the amazing teaching you’re doing. Big up to the TAs in their classes for the invaluable work you do.

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