Welcome to our blog! Here you will find all the exciting learning we have been up to recently. We hope you enjoy looking through our learning and seeing us take on new challenges as we develop through Year 1.


Our science topic this half term is all about plants. We have planted flowers, looked at the different parts of plants and their jobs, found the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees and looked at wild plants.


We are enjoying having music every Tuesday, we are learning to use the chime bars, great fun!

Children in Need

It is always amazing to see the children dress up for this amazing cause. Lots of yellow and lots of spots!

Pirate Launch Day

Today we launch our new topic ‘Treasure Island’, we learnt pirate words, pirate songs, created pirate flags, found treasure on the maps and learnt new pirate facts.

Bird Feeders

During our science lessons we have been learning about the seasons. We learnt that during the colder weather birds can find it difficult to find food. So we decided to make bird feeders.

We used lard, cheese, oats, seeds and raisins to create our amazing bird feeders! We hope the birds love them! 

World mental health day

How wonderful it is to see the children all in yellow and learning about the importance of mental health. 

We had a great day learning about mindfulness, playing with the parachute, doing yoga and thinking about our hopes for the future.

Paper Aeroplane

This week the children have shown a real interest in creating their own paper planes. They have enjoyed making and decorating them,  creating a variety of sizes and some added parachutes to try keep their planes in the air longer. To celebrate our paper planes the children enjoyed taking part in a flying contest on the field. We checked which planes flew the furthest and which we thought were the quickest.

Sports Day Fun

Flamingo Land

We had a great day at FlamingoLand. The children enjoyed looking at the animals. They listened well to James, the zoo keeper, as he told us lots of information about the animals. The children were very brave and touched a snake and held a giant cockroach. They made sure they carefully followed the instructions to take care of the animals and themselves, we are so proud of them all. What an amazing day out we had.

Forest school

This week in school we have started to be even more eco friendly and started to compost all our fruit waste rather than put it in the bin. We have small compost bins in our classrooms and we have made a compost bin the forest school. Here you can see how much we have collected so far. In the long run we are hoping to make our own compost, use it to plant vegetables and grow them to eat for our dinner! We cant wait!


We have had so much fun exploring capacity this week. We have taken our learning outside and challenged our understanding of capacity through active learning. Ask your child about our water challenge to find out the problems we needed to solve.

Mrs Armitage on Wheels

This week we have been reading ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’. The children have had fun designing their own vehicles and thinking of new inventions. We have also been writing and telling our own short stories. Have you seen any of the vehicles we have adapted?

The Naughty Bus

This week we have been reading the story of the ‘Naughty Bus’. We have had great fun writing our own Naughty Bus stories for our class book.

Image result for naughty bus

Tour de Yorkshire

We all enjoyed joining in the activities for Tour de Yorkshire. When we were watching it on the whiteboard we were very excited to see Allerton Bywater Primary School!

Forest Friday

This week we were very surprised how much our Forest had changed. We found some pretty Bluebells and had fun in the ‘Jungle’.

Music Lessons

For the next five weeks, on a Wednesday, we will be having music lessons with Mrs Roseberry. We will be learning to use our voices and use the instruments.

Shared Area

During the Easter Holidays Mrs Smith led the transformation of the Shared Area. we would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Smith and to Paul and Jake from Allinson Services and Supplies for giving their time and resources to enhance the learning environment for our children.


As we are learning about money this week we went to our local shop to spend some of our money in real life. (We also really like chocolate and Chunk had eaten all of ours!) So we walked down to one stop had a look at all the products for sale and purchased some chocolate for school. We hope Chunk doesn’t find it again!

The Chocolate Monster

The chocolate Monster has made a very exciting visit to our school this week! He has been stealing everyone’s chocolate. The children have been making news reports warning others of The Chunk. They have searched for clues and evidence and written him emails. The children decided to make friends with The Chunk and left him some chocolate treats during Forest Friday. BUT be careful not to leave your chocolate laying around… It might get eaten!


Science Week

We have had so much fun during Science Week. We have carried out lots of experiments,  made predictions and discussed our findings. I think the children will all agree that our ‘volcano’ experiment was very exciting! Thank you for your wonderful science pictures from home, we enjoyed sharing the children’s experiments with the class. 

PE with Coach Clayton

We are loving our weekly PE sessions with Coach Clayton.  Our skills continue to improve as we have been taking part in new challenging activities every week!

Wriggly Nativity

Stay and Learn

Thankyou to all the adults who stayed for our stay and learn session.

Word of the week

This week we have been reading the story of the Christmas Nativity and our word of the week was “Wise.”

Forest School

Today in Forest school we were very lucky to receive some gifts from Leeds in bloom. We had lots of bulbs and trees to plant. We worked together as a team to plant the bulbs and trees. It was hard work but good fun!

Mindfulness  Day

We made a friendship web. We had to roll the string to a friend a say something nice about them.

We enjoyed taking part in colouring in to relax.


This weeks story was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. So in true Goldilocks style we decided to taste the porridge! Some of us quite enjoyed it and just like Goldilocks finished the bowl full!

Our word of the week was – Growl

Forest School

Today in the forest school we lead our own learning and chose to make leaf necklaces and Mud monsters. We hope you don’t get too scared by them!


Today we had our harvest assembly at Church. We very sensibly walked to church and had a look at our local environment on the way. When we got there it was very exciting as we got to sing the special songs we had been learning to the parents. A few of the children in Reception were very brave and even read out the titles to poems in front of the whole church!

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