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From A to B

To launch our new unit of work ‘From A to B’ we had a whole day off timetable learning all about transport and travel. We transported each other through an obstacle course while blindfolded, made our own island map using a key to show the transport available, designed our own mode of transport, explore the vehicles in the car park and brought our scooters, bikes, skateboards and even roller skates to school.

Making Equal groups

Today in maths we were making equal groups lots of different ways. We used money, cubes, base ten, numicon and counters.

Christmas Dinner

Mmmmm. Today was Christmas dinner today. We loved eating our Christmas dinner whilst listening to some Christmas songs!

Christmas Poem

We have been learning a Christmas poem with lots of actions. Have a look at our performance!



We visited the Alhambra in Bradford to watch a pantomime ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. We had a great time and laughed lots (oh yes we did!!!)

Christmas Jumper Day

We really enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers today. We all looked ace!!


Tomorrow is a general election for the United Kingdom so we had an afternoon learning about democracy. We learned how the voting system works and held our own vote about the class’ favourite colour. We looked at different rules and if it would be fair if these rules were put in place. We are looking forward to our assembly to hear what our year 6s are proposing to put in place if they become the headteacher for the day. 

Christmas Church Service

Well done to all the children for their beautiful singing at church this morning and an even bigger well done to our two amazing readers who read their poem so loud and clear!! Thank you to all the adults who joined us in church.

Celebrating a new baby

In R.E we have been learning how different religions celebrate the arrival of a baby. We brought in our own baby photos and tried to guess who was who! 


Today we had a go at design an making our own optical illusion toys. We make thaumotropes which were very popular in the 19th century. When you spin our thaumotropes the two images merge into one.

Scientific Explorers

We have been learning all about how plants grow. We planted 3 different seeds: chickpeas, lentils and cress seeds. We have been watching everyday to see how they are changing.

The Magic Toy Maker’s Workshop

Today we celebrated the launch of our new topic ‘The Magic Toy Maker’ focusing on History and Design Technology. We all brought in our favourite toy to share with the class and wrote a description about it and how it was special to us. We were also given the task of using our imagination and design skills to create a toy using a range of materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, string, coloured paper and decorations.

In the afternoon, we learned about different types of puppets and how Punch and Judy shows were very popular to watch at the seaside. We had a go at making our own stick puppets and became puppeteers by retelling a story.

Non-Chronological Reports

For the next three weeks we are going to be learning lots of skills to help us write a non-chronological report all about toys. Today we learned about the key features of a non-chronological report. Can you remember any?

The Bread Experiment

2AW have been learning about the importance of hygiene. We set up an experiment to show the importance. We touched each piece of bread with different things: dirt hands, clean hands, the bottom of a shoe and the door handles. We left the bread for a couple of weeks to watch the effects. We certainly will be making sure we wash our hands properly from now on!

Self Portraits

As part of our ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ Topic, we have been learning about tone and shade in our art lessons. Have a look at our fabulous self portraits we have produced!

Mindfulness Day

To support World Mental Health day 2AW dressed in yellow and had an off timetable day full of activities to look after our minds. We coloured, did yoga, went to the forest and made our own ‘push up’ booklets. Have a look at some of the forest faces we made:

Sports Day

The sun came out shining for us on sports day and there was a great atmosphere in the air.  Well done to all the children putting in 100% effort for their race.

The Deep

A lovely day exploring the wonders of the ocean! All the children behaved amazingly and were a credit to Allerton Bywater Primary school.


As we have been learning all about Titanic and different types of boats, we linked our textiles topic to boats as well! Each child designed a boat scene and then used fabric pens to decorate a t-shirt. The results look amazing.

Week of 07.05.19

This week we worked across three literacy lessons to create a boats information text. The children learn about over 14 boats and we chose our favourite 5. Then independently they chose the three boats they knew the most about and wrote a fact file on each one, with a title, picture and caption. Then in our final session we created a ‘Did you know…’ page where the children could display interesting facts they had learnt as questions. Then they made a front cover, which had a huge title and a wonderful picture to engage readers.  

Everyone did a great job and i’m sure if you ask your child they will blow you away with all their facts!

Tour de Yorkshire

Amazing to have all the children ride around the playground on their bike or scooter. A fun day filled with cycling activities. 

Bubble run

It’s so special when we hear about exciting achievements children have made outside of school. A huge congratulations to the Year 1 children and parents who took part in the bubble run to raise money for St Gemma’s.

Boats are Busy

This half term our literacy is focused around boats, which links to our history topic, The Titanic. Today we created a boat experience and the children used their senses to help imagine what it would be like on a real boat. We smelt fish, tasted salt water, listened to seagulls and boat horns, felt sea shells and rocked together as if we were on the waves.

Our Bodies

This half term our science topic is our bodies. Today we saw what the children know already, they drew round one another and labelled all the body parts.

Welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic Easter!

Red Nose Day

Science Week!

Science was amazing! We did lots of experiments, including looking what happens to coke when you add milk, we made a volcano, we made obleck, we investigated static electricity,  we answered ‘what’s that smell?’ and we found out how to get toys out that had been frozen in ice.

Also a huge thank you to all the science that has gone on at home, it has been wonderful to see pictures of everything you got up to! 

World Book Day

World Book Day is always one of my favourite days of the year, I love to see all the children across school dressed up as their favourite book characters and we do fun activities all day that link to reading.  I know the children enjoy it too and it’s a great day for everyone!

Base 10

When looking at place value we have been using base 10 to help us represent our numbers in tens and ones. This is a great tool for the children to see how many tens and ones make up each number. We then used the base 10 to help us to order our numbers. 


To get ready to write our own set of instructions for making a potion, today we followed some instructions for super speed! We carefully used the syringes to measure out the ingredients and then mixed them altogether.  

Burning our Tudor Houses

Today we created a mini London and set it of fire, it was so exciting! The children saw clearly how the wind helped the fire spread from house to house, just like in the real fire.

The Great Fire of London

Continuing our topic we used salt dough to make our own fake bread, as if we were the bakers on Pudding Lane. Then we used cardboard boxes to create Tudor houses, ready to have our own fire next week!


This half term we have been looking at pictographs and created our own pictograph on purple mash which displayed the numbers that we rolled on a dice.

We LOVE Coach Clayton!

We are very lucky that this half term Coach Clayton comes in every Thursday to run our P.E session. During this time we learn lots of skills as we move round 7 different multi-skills activities. 

The Great Fire of London

This half terms topic is The Great Fire of London. It was great to see everyone dressed up on topic launch day. We did so many fun things, we made bread, created silhouette art, learnt London’s burning on the chime bars and discovered Samuel Pepys suitcase.

Christmas in school

Christmas is a wonderful, yet very busy, time in school. From church visits to nativities to making Christmas cards, it’s all go go go!

I hope all of you managed to come to our nativity and see the amazing children on stage. Not only do they have to remember lines, they have to remember all the songs, when to stand up to sing and when they need t be on stage. It is a HUGE job and I am so SO proud of each and every one of them. Well done 1GH, you were fantastic. 

Planting mustard seeds

Stay and Learn

29.11.18 Thank you to everyone who came to learn on our maths free flow session. Always good to see so many of you there! 

Jamming Sandwiches

We are learning to write instructions and we thought let’s make jam sandwiches and then write up how we made them!


Mind Mate Day

22.11.18 Today was Mind Mate Day, the children took part in lots of different activities that got them thinking about their own thoughts and emotions. We did some mindfulness colouring, emotion games with the parachute, yoga,  breathing activities, we wrote/drew our hopes and dreams onto a flag and made all of our classmates a push up book, which was filled with positive comments. 

Planting Trees

What an amazing experience for the children to dig their own holes and plant trees! As a school we planted 300 trees! 

Children in need

A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated today, how wonderful to see the children all dressed up to support such an amazing cause.


Over Autumn 2 term we are concentrating on plants in Science. Currently we are learning the parts of a plant and the needs of a plant. In our first lesson we looked carefully at each part of a plant and discussed what job it does.

In our second lesson we thought about the needs of a plant. We planted 5 different plants and created an experiment, one of our plants had sun, soil and water, the next had no sunlight, so we put it in the cupboard. Another will not be watered, one of our plants has no soil and our final plant has no warmth, so we popped it in the fridge! The children made predictions about what they think will happen to the plants. We can’t wait to see what’s happened next week!

WW2 Day

What a fantastic, amazing day! Thank you to everyone’s efforts, you all looked fabulous. The children spent the day learning about evacuees, packing a suitcase for a children to take with them to the countryside. We also learnt how planes were used in the war and made our own paper plane, then had a little competition to see who’s plane flew the furthest. In one of our sessions we listened to lots of different war time songs and learnt the words, the children had a lovely time singing and dancing. Finally we became code breakers!! We learnt how Morse code was used during the war and them began to break and write our own codes.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Over the coming weeks we will be writing information text based on the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The children already know this story really well and we are extending their knowledge by learning how to write an informative piece of writing about a caterpillar.

One of our activities this week was to try all the different fruits that the caterpillar ate, then using our senses we described each of the 5 fruits. What a yummy morning!!

Numeracy over Autumn 1

What a busy first half term!

We covered counting, place value, representing number, number facts, using concrete objects and pictorial representations and missing number problems. The children learnt a range of addition and subtraction methods and vocabulary.

Welcome to F2G’s blog. We are really excited to share all our learning with you. Please check our blog regularly to find out what we have being doing. If you would like to leave us a comment please scroll to the end of our blog and fill in the boxes below.


Baking week and a trip to the One Stop

To finalise our Chocolate topic the children have enjoyed baking their own chocolate buns and making rice crispy buns this week. The children read the recipe’s well and said their buns were yummy. We loved our morning walk to the One Stop and I was proud of  the children’s behavior and manners.  




We have had great fun exploring our senses this week. We have completed lots of experiments testing our sense of smell, hearing, taste, touch and sight. 

IMG_7335 IMG_7337 IMG_7420 IMG_7421

HRH Princess Anne

The children had great fun learning about the Royal Family and preparing for HRH Princess Anne’s visit to Allerton Bywater. They each made flags, crowns and wrote questions they would like to ask the Princess. On the day of the big visit the children walked to Samuel Valentines sensibly and waited for their glimpse of HRH Princess Anne. They followed instructions well and listened to all the adults. To continue our celebrations back at school we enjoyed our very own afternoon tea with cheese, cucumber and crackers. A fabulous day had by all! 




Fun with Coach Clayton

We have loved our PE sessions with Coach Clayton, they’re so much fun! We have been working our bodies hard and improving our skills by listening and following instructions. We have practiced throwing, catching, balancing and our co-ordination skills. We can’t wait for next weeks session!

We are Amazing at Addition

This week we have started to look at addition. We recognise the + and = signs, we can write and read our own number sentences and we can use objects to solve them. Why not challenge us to solve a number sentence for you…


The Chocolate Monster

This week the children have been introduced to ‘The Chunk’ from the book The Chocolate Monster. They have enjoyed creating wanted posters, news paper articles and models of the cheeky chocolate thief as well as searching EVERYWHERE for him. To try and catch him out we drank hot chocolate and ate chocolate biscuits in the woodland… he didn’t steal our chocolaty treats though, we ate them too quick.


Christmas Fun







Icy Forest Friday

The children have had great fun exploring the woodland after a freezing evening. We found lots of ice and enjoyed making frost angels.




We have had great fun exploring Halloween this week. We have made brilliant Witch’s potions following instructions and mixing our own, we have created our own spells, we have been stuck in webs while searching for tricky words and role played ‘Room on the Broom’ story.


Jurassic Kingdom Visit

On Wednesday we all went to Temple Newsam to see the dinosaurs. We all had an amazing time and enjoyed looking at all the different dinosaurs. As part of our trip we also went into Temple Newsam Farm and got to see lots of lovely animals. We loved seeing the piglets. The children were a pleasure to take and so well behaved.



Forest Fridays

We love Forest Fridays. We get muddy and explore our environment. We change the forest into anything we want for our role play. We love building dens, hunting for mini-beast and climbing the trees. 


Our Bodies

This week we have been exploring our bodies and how to keep them healthy. We have practiced brushing our teeth, discussing healthy and unhealthy foods and created our very own boot camp. The children also made their own vegetable stew. The stew was a great success with lots of empty bowls. Why not ask us how we keep our bodies healthy, we can tell you a lot!


Stay and Learn

Thank you to all the parents who came to Stay and Learn. We had a fantastic morning. 


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