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Sports Day!

1AC had great fun taking part in sports day this year. I was really impressed with all the children – their attitude towards competing was amazing to watch, especially as they congratulated their peers who won. A huge thank you to the adults that came to watch and support – the atmosphere was brilliant!

Money, money, money!

This week in Maths we have been learning to recognise different coins and notes. As we are now moving on to counting money, it would be fantastic if this learning could be continued outside of school – why not ask your child if they can count any change received from going to the shop?

The Deep

Amazing Artwork

This week the children explored used fabric markers on tshirts to design their very own boat scene. After carefully planning their scene on paper, the designs were transferred to the tshirts. As you can see, we have some amazing artists in 1AC!



This week the children have been very busy writing their own information texts about different types of boats. They even managed to include a front cover and a “Did you know…?” page! All the adults in Y1 have been amazing by the writing the children have produced – well done and keep it up!

Tour de Yorkshire

The children were very excited today as we were off timetable to celebrate the Tour de Yorkshire. They learnt all about how to stay safe whilst riding their bike, and also had the opportunity to bike and scoot around the playground.

Boats are busy

This half term our literacy is focused around boats, which links to our history topic, The Titanic. Today we created a boat experience and the children used their senses to help imagine what it would be like on a real boat. We smelt fish, tasted salt water, listened to seagulls and boat horns, felt sea shells and rocked together as if we were on the waves.

Our bodies

In Science this term we are learning about our bodies. Today we saw what the children know already, they drew round one another and labelled all the body parts.

Red Nose Day 2019

Science Week 2019

We had a fabulous week celebrating Science week! The children carried out lots of investigations to find out about static electricity, our sense of smell, how to get toys out of a block of ice, what happens when you mix cornflour and water and much, much more!

Also, a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who got involved with the science selfies homework – it has been amazing to see so much fantastic learning taking place at home!

What happens when you mix milk and coke? It curdles! The heavy milk mixture binds with the colouring in the coke and falls to the bottom of the bottle.

World Book Day 2019

We had a fabulous time celebrating World Book Day 2019! A HUGE thank you to all the adults at home – your children looked AMAZING! Throughout the day, we took part in many different activities: designing our own special scales after reading The Rainbow Fish; becoming illustrators for one of Roald Dahl’s Dirty Beast poems; drawing where our magical door would take us if we were in the book Journey; and writing letters to try and bring the crayons home (The Day the Crayons Quit). We finished the day with a huge quiz involving naming characters and items from all our favourite story books, as well as designing our own bookmarks to help us with our reading.

Related image

We love our Multi-skill PE lessons with Coach Clayton!

London’s Burning!

Last week in DT the children designed and built Tudor houses using cardboard and paper. Today, the houses from both Year 1 and Year 2 classes were assembled to form London. 

At 2pm, the fire starting in Pudding Lane, and spread quickly across the rest of the houses. Within 15 minutes, London had been destroyed. All that remained was ash and one lonely house that escaped the flames. The children decided this was Samuel Pepys’ house, as during the real fire his house survived.


Literacy – Retelling a story.

1AC were WOWED by these two fantastic pieces of writing. The task? Retelling the story of Vlad and the Great Fire of London. Well done boys!

Science at home

After reading a book all about space, someone was inspired to build their own rocket!

New reading corner!

We love our new reading corner in 1AC! Full of comfy cushions and covered in rainbow material, the children couldn’t wait to snuggle up with a good book!


Fine Motor Skills

We’ve been working really hard in Year 1 to improve our fine motor skills as they will help us with our handwriting. We had to remove elastic bands from all the toys to strengthen the muscles in our fingers and drew pictures on our backs underneath the tables to help improve our wrist position when holding a pencil.


Science – sorting objects by the material they have been made from.

Topic Launch Day – The Great Fire of London

Topic Launch Day was a great success! Thank you to parents/carers for all the hard work you put into costumes – your children looked AMAZING! KS1 had a great day learning how to make bread, how to play London’s Burning on the chime bars, create silhouette pictures of the Great Fire using chalk, and discovering what Samuel Pepys buried in his suitcase.

Christmas at ABPS

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks at ABPS. A trip to Bradford to see the panto, Christmas Jumper Day, two Christmas performances, Christmas dinner day AND Christmas parties!

WW2 artifacts

In History this afternoon the children looked at lots of different artifacts from WW2, trying to guess what they were.

They found a gas mask, an evacuee’s suitcase, a radio and a letter from King George that was given to every child when the war finished.

Planting mustard seeds



This week in Literacy we have been learning all about instructions. The children had a go at making their own jam sandwiches before writing instructions to tell a friend how to make one.


We planted trees!

ABPS received nearly 300 free trees from the Woodland Trust. 1AC had great fun digging in the mud and planting the trees in the holes. Fingers crossed they will all grow!


Children in Need

Thanks to everyone who donated – school raised over £400 which is our best total ever!

World War Two Topic Launch Day

Everyone looked amazing in their costumes as we launched our new topic. We learnt war time songs, made paper airplanes and decorated them to look like WW2 planes, tried to break Morse Code messages and examined the contents of an evacuee’s suitcase.

Terrific Science Experiments!

What happens when you place Skittles in water? Well the colour dissolves of course! We had great fun making beautiful patterns.

What happens if you mix sugar, milk and vanilla essence in a bag and then shake it around with ice and salt? You make ice cream!

In 1AC, we LOVE reading! So much so, that we’ve been F2/KS1 Reading Champions most weeks since we started back in September! Keep it up! 🙂

Art – experimenting with mark making and use of tone.


Geography – finding the UK using maps, atlases and a globe.

Our first photo as Year 1!






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On Monday morning we came into school to find an object in our classroom. We had to use our detective skills to work out what we though it was.


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Royal Wedding

We were all very excited to watch the royal wedding, especially when we spotted Princess Anne on the television.


Big Pedal

This week we have taken part in the ‘Big Pedal’. We counted how many people came to school each day on their bikes or scooters and finished on Friday with everyone scooting or riding on the big playground.


Year 6

We were very excited to take the year 6 children down to the forest with us today.



We are very excited to start our music lessons with Mrs Rosebury. Each week we will be learning new songs and using the instruments.


Easter Egg competition

Look at the fantastic entrances to our Easter Egg competition.

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Sports Relief

We had a very busy day taking part in lots of sporting activities for Sports relief.



World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day today, it was planned for last week but had to be cancelled when we had our snow days at home. It was lovely to see everyone in their costumes with their favourite books.


Around the World

Our topic this half term is ‘Around the World.’ We started this week with a celebration day on Wednesday where we made food from different countries, dances to traditional music and talked about where we had been on holiday.


One Stop

We were all very excited to take our £1 to the One Stop to choose our chocolate. We took turns paying for our chocolate and then walked back to school to eat it!


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This week we have been exploring using our senses. We had great fun smelling the tubs and guessing what was inside.


Stay and Learn

Today we have another successful Stay and Learn session. I asked he children what they had enjoyed doing with their parents,

Mollie- “Going in the shared area with daddy and Lucy and playing in the sand.”

Billy – “Playing on the computers with dad.”

Amelia J- “I enjoyed painting a rainbow with mummy.”

Archie- “Playing in the One Stop shop with mummy and she bought some noodles.”

Marley – “Playing shop keepers with mummy and having our lunch break.”


Princess Anne

We were all very excited to go and wave our flags at Princess Anne today. When we came back we had a special  Princess party to celebrate.


One Stop

Look out for your letter about our visit to the One Stop Shop to buy your chocolate with your own money.

Water pipes

The boys called me over to show me their construction, they explained it was for the water to flow to the reservoir so the people can have some water to drink and have a bath. There was some excellent team work skill on show as they built.


Phonics Play

Phonics play is an excellent website we use at school. If you want to use it at home the children will show you what we do.


Adding two amounts.

We have been looking at adding two amounts together and writing number sentences. Why not have a try at home and see how well we do.


Coach Clayton

We are very pleased to have Coach Clayton every Thursday morning. Each week we try different challenges to help us build up our skills.



Chocolate Monster

This week the children have been introduced to ‘Chunk’ from the book The Chocolate Monster. They have enjoyed creating wanted posters, news paper articles and models of the cheeky chocolate thief as well as searching EVERYWHERE for him. To try and catch him out we drank hot chocolate and ate chocolate biscuits in the woodland… he didn’t steal our chocolaty treats though, we ate them too quick. There was a long conversation about the steam rising from our cups.



Christmas 2017

Here are a few of our fun activities during the Christmas half term


Party time




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Oh no! Look who has arrived in our class this week. We can’t wait to come in everyday and see what our elf has been up to during the night.


Exploring the forest



Fun in the frostIMG_4095

Stay and Learn

We were very excited to share our learning with our adults today. Don’t worry if you couldn’t come today we have another session after Christmas.

IMG_4096 IMG_4097


Barney is our new class friend. Each week he will choose someone to go home with and share their weekend. He brings a story book and a special book for the children to record their exciting weekend.


Forest Friday Fun


Room on the Broom

This week we have been reading Room on the Broom and using the resources in the classroom to act out the story.



One more

We have been working on adding one more this week. One way we tried was to pick a spiders body, read the number, find the said number of legs and then add one more. It was quite tricky!


Welcome back to Autumn 2

Jurassic Kingdom visit

On Wednesday we all went to Temple Newsam to see the dinosaurs. Everyone had a fantastic time and we had lovely comments from the staff at Temple Newsam, other teachers and members of the general public complimenting us on the children’s behaviour and lovely manners. It was a pleasure taking them.






Harvest Festival

On Wednesday we all walked to Church for our Harvest Festival. We listened to the Reverend Viv tell us a story and sang our Harvest songs.


We have been investigating 2D shapes, making pictures, guessing the shapes and describing their properties.



This week we are listening to the Supertato story and making our own superheroes.

Forest Schools

We are having great fun in the woods on a Friday. I am sure if you ask the children they will tell you all about their experiences.


Stay and Learn

It was lovely to see so many parents at our Stay and Learn session. Don’t worry if you couldn’t make this session we have another one on Wednesday 22nd November.

IMG_3528 IMG_3529 IMG_3530

Healthy Living

This week we have been discussing what we can eat to keep ourselves healthy, doing lots of exercise and brushing our teeth.


Lunch time

We have all enjoyed our healthy lunches. Look how good we are at carrying our own trays and cutting up our food.


First week at school

Look how busy we have been making new friends.

IMG_3274 IMG_3275

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