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Welcome to 2LM’s blog.  We are really excited to share all our learning with you.  Please check our blog regularly to find out what we have being doing.  If you would like to leave us a comment, please scroll to the end of our blog and fill in the boxes below.  

Week 4

This week we have been revising fractions so the children had a go at completing a tri-jigsaw answering fraction questions – this was a very tricky challenge.

Some of the children from 2LM and 2AW took part in the skipping festival at Brigshaw High.         They were all amazing and although it was a long and hot afternoon in the hall they were all fantastic and really well behaved. Although we did not win overall some of the children came away with certificates for their individual skipping.

Week 3

Another busy week in year 2, the children are all still working really hard.

In science we have been learning about different habitats and next week we will be learning about micro habitats!

Well done to white team on sports day – the winning team, but all the children did really well and the weather even stayed good!

Next week we have the Year2 skipping festival at Brigshaw High School. The children who have asked to take part have all received letters and if you need anymore information just ask me.  Keep practising your skipping!

Week 2

It has been a very week in 2LM.

We had a great day at The Deep and the children were amazing all day, here are a few pictures –

Week 1

We had our topic launch day on Thursday to begin our new topic Stomp,Splash,Soar. Where we will be focusing on sea life.

Thank you for your support and the children looked fantastic.

Dates to Remember

Topic launch day – Thursday 6th June  Come to school dressed as a sea creature or wearing blue  or anything sea/holiday related to start our under the sea topic.

As always any books artefacts or information linking to our topic would be appreciated.

Tuesday 11th June – Year 2 visit to The Deep.

Week 5

We finished the week proving or disproving some scientific theories linked to body measurements ie your arm span from tip of index finger to tip is the same measurement as your height. Some of us agreed some didn’t!

Week 4

This week we have been designing and sewing nautical flags.                                                                 The children concentrated very hard and it was extremely quiet in class whilst they were practising their sewing skills!

Welcome Back

Hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday.

This week we have started our research all about the Titanic which the children are really enjoying. Thankyou Harry for providing us with resources and lots of knowledge on the subject.

Here are a few pics of some of the presentations we did all about our topic…

Summer Term

This term our topic is ‘The Titanic’. If you have any books or information to enhance our topic we would be grateful.

Week 5 and 6

Congratulations to Sophie who won the Year 2 Easter Egg competition.

The last few weeks have flown past, we have had our Bush Craft experience day. We have made electrical circuits as part of our science topic and we have designed and built houses that could withstand a flood as part of Geography topic – some survived better than others!

Here are a few pics –

Week 4

We have been learning all about space – we made rocket mice and looked at the planets in our solar system.

Science Week

We have had a very busy week full of science experiments – some of which worked better than others!

The week was kicked off on Monday morning by Mr Brabbs and his bottle rockets, we also made invisible cola, jet balloons, wiggly gummy worms, rainbow rain and investigated chromatography to mention a few of our investigations. Here a few pictures from the week –

World Book Day

On Thursday the children came to school dressed as their favourite story book character. Thay all looked amazing.

We spent the morning visiting different classrooms to do activities – we made scales for Rainbow Fish. We wrote a letter from Duncan to the crayons as part of the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. We made pictures of an imaginary world based on the book ‘The Journey’ and we had a go at illustrating based on Quentin Blake and the Raold Dahl books.

During the afternoon we had a book quiz and made bookmarks.

Week 1

Welcome back.                                                                                                                                                This week we have started reading George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.

The children have been writing character profiles based on George and his grizzly old grunion of a grandma!


Our science is all about Space and we have learnt about gravity and next week we are going to be learning about the planets in our solar system.

The Great Fire of London

We have finally reached the end of our topic and the burning of London commenced at 2pm on the playground!

The children had built Tudor houses and we placed them on the playground to make our own Tudor London. Mr Hopes then lit the flame and we watched London burn!

Here are some pictures.

Week 4

We went to Brigshaw High School to take part in multiskills. I think we came 3rd out of all the schools in the Trust. That’s what the children told me anyway!

We have started building our Tudor houses – unfortunately we will be burning them down next week. Just like the Great Fire of London!

Week 3

This week 2LM have been busy designing and making parachutes as part of our ‘Materials’ science topic. We attached our parachutes to a lego person and Mrs Gibson dropped them from the top of the fire escape.

Making our Parachutes

Floating down to the ground.

Stay and Learn

On Friday morning we had ‘Stay and Learn’ where we wrote an article for the London Gazette 2nd September 1666, telling our readers about The Fire of London. We had a go at writing using feather quills and ink. We also had a research table to find out information about our topic.


Week 2

This week we have been very busy in our science lesson designing and building houses for the 3 Little Pigs – We received an email from them asking if we could help build them a house to protect them from the wolf?

Ask your child about the results of our test!

   We built houses out of bricks, paper, sticks and straws. Mrs Gibbons tried to blow them down.


January Week 1

Welcome back to a New Year and new teachers.

I have had a lovely and very busy week in year 2. I have really enjoyed working with all the children and we have been doing some very exciting learning…

Here our some pictures from our topic launch day all about The Great Fire of London.

Our modern day bakers.

Our Tudor bakers.

The fire and the flames.

The Thomas and Peg Farriner of Pudding Lane.

We learnt how to play Londons Burning on the chime bars.

We baked bread.

We made silhouette pictures of London burning.

We guessed what Samuel Pepys buried in his suitcase in his garden to protect it from the fire? It was wine, cheese, money and important documents!

Skipping Workshop

We also took part in a skipping workshop this week, learning lots of new moves and even learnt how to skip with a partner.

Skipping together. We were all quite good!

Thankyou for a lovely first week and I look forward to seeing you all Monday morning.

Mrs Stephens



Here is this half-term’s newsletter:

Year 2 Autumn 1 1819

How to seeds begin to grow?

Hopefully we are about to find out.  Cress, chickpeas and green lentils are all prepared.

WW2 Eggless Cake Baking

Loving a bit of baking.  Some of us liked the taste…some not so much!


Mindfulness Day – November 2018

What a wonderful day we had.

Tree planting was probably the highlight:

We definitely had fun under the parachute:

We completed a very relaxing guided visualisation and took home our magic shell.

We gave each other ‘push-ups’ into our booklets and then chose the best one to record on a bookmark to help us remember this day.

Children in Need – November 2018

Well done to 2LM for looking fabulous and and extra well done to the children who were chosen to read out their writing in assembly.   A huge thanks to the generous contributions from parents too – such a good cause!


We got to use the kit lent to us by Esh Construction during Golden Time.  Acting out careers of the future maybe?

Welcome to 1JS’s blog. We are really excited to share all our learning with you. Please check our blog regularly to find out what we have being doing. If you would like to leave us a comment please scroll to the end of our blog and fill in the boxes below.


Our topic this half term has been all around the world. We have been learning all about the south and north pole and what animals live there and why. We went to the deep and took part in activities to find out why the penguins live in Antarctica and why the polar bears live in the Arctic. We had lots of fun visiting the penguins, jellyfish and fish!

 20180320_105320 20180320_105325 - Copy  20180320_110046 - Copy  20180320_110201 - Copy  20180320_111322 20180320_111838 20180320_112843 20180320_113642 20180320_113916  20180320_130428 20180320_130716 20180320_133032


12th March-16th March was science week. We took part in lots of exciting experiments! We made coke rockets, slime, went on a mini beast hunt and even discovered what happens when you mix oil and water together! We spent a lot of time writing up our findings and showing our results in tables and graphs.


25/01/18 – We were very honored and excited to see Princess Anne here in Allerton Bywater.  See the pictures of us waving our flags with enthusiasm!

20180125_122448 20180125_122439 20180125_122421 20180125_122419 20180125_122418 20180125_122416 20180125_122415 20180125_122222 20180125_122221 20180125_122219 20180125_122204 20180125_122202 20180125_122200 20180125_122157


Wow! We have tried really hard with our fact families. We know that there are 8 different number facts we can make. We even tested our partners!


DSCN5431We have been counting today up to 50! We used the stairs in the new build to count forwards and backwards from different numbers. We are maths super stars!

DSCN5425We have been discussing what happens in our story of Grendel at the start, middle and end. We drew pictures and told our partner what happens.


We have been pretending we are news reporters in our literacy lesson. Our story book for this half term is Grendel. This is about a little monster who loves chocolate so much he turned his mum into some. 1JS had to write a description about the missing chocolate monster so we could later find him.


 Welcome back after the holidays. We hope you have all had a wonderful break. This half term we are focusing on chocolate and linking this with all of our work.



Our new topic this half term is All about the countryside. We sorted images out to identify the physical features of a countryside, used the lego to create a countryside model, drew countryside pictures and looked at non-fiction books.


In our maths lesson we have been working on counting on. We have used a number line to help us work out our number sentences. We are fantastic at maths!


We have been working on our new topic in literacy this week- instructions. We have discussed about what they are and when they are used. We then worked together in groups to identify the key features of an instruction text.



We have been working on our throwing and catching in P.E this week. We passed the ball in a circle and made sure we were watching so we did not drop the ball. Miss Slipper then let us had a go at shooting in the netball net to end our session.


Don’t we look amazing! We all dressed up in either Leeds Rhinos or Castleford Tigers colours to support the final! We then went into the school yard to see how many fans we had for each team! Mrs. Parker made Miss. Slipper wear a Castleford Tigers shirt as she is a big fan!


DSCN3536 DSCN4755 DSCN3583

In maths we have been working on our counting. We have used lots of resources to help us add numbers together and partition numbers into whole and part whole numbers. We are maths superstars!

DSCN3458 DSCN3601 DSCN3602

In Literacy this week we have been working on improving our sentences, so when we write our own sentences we know what we need to include to make it even better!


We have been learning all about the story Peace at last by Jill Murphy in our literacy lessons. We have acted out the story to help us remember what happens so that we can retell the story next week.


DSCN3490 DSCN3494 DSCN3498 DSCN3507 DSCN3509

Our topic day was fantastic. All of the the children really enjoyed dressing up and acting in the role of an evacuee for the day. We tried to crack codes and created some WW2 pictures. We also performed a WW2 song infront of the whole of KS1! 




Thank you F2T

What a lovely end to F2T. We have really enjoyed sharing this year with you and look forward to hearing all about your exciting adventures in Year 1. Remember to come back and say hello!

IMG_3190 IMG_3191 IMG_3192Fantastic Writing

After our visit to Flamingo Land we read the Dear Zoo story. Everyone decided what animal they would like as a pet and wrote to the Zoo keeper.

IMG_2998 IMG_2999 IMG_3001 IMG_3002 IMG_3003

Flamingo Land

F2 were very excited to go on our visit to Flamingo Land. We started with a look around the zoo then James took us into the classroom and let us hold some smaller animals. He then took us around the ‘African’ part of the zoo and answered our questions. We all had a fantastic time and everyone’s behaviour was impeccable.

IMG_3603 IMG_3604 IMG_3509


This week we have been looking at telling the time. We learnt O’clock and half past. Mr Cairn’s  was very impressed with our new skills.

IMG_3599 IMG_3602


We were very excited to see the chicks hatch in F1. Everyday the children have been going to check how many we have now and watching as they grow.



Our story this week was Superworm.  We have discussed his super powers and talked about what super powers we would like.IMG_3051


This week we have been using the touch screen laptops to write about our heroes.

IMG_2770 IMG_2771 IMG_2772 IMG_2773


To fit in with our superhero topic we worked together to make a vehicle for them to travel in. The children discussed what they were going to make and took on a role each. It was lovely to see the fantastic team work.


IMG_2914 IMG_2915

Mr Cairns

Today some children asked to show Mr Cairns their work as they were so proud of it. Well done



We have continued to develop our skills using circuits trying lots of new challenges each week.


Ordering by weight

last week we looked at ordering by length and thus week we have experimented ordering by weight. We estimated first by using our hands as scales and then used the real scales.



This week we have been working on measuring. We had great fun on the field with the PE equipment

IMG_2763 IMG_2764

Big Pedal

The last two weeks we have been taking part in the Big Pedal, coming to school on our bikes and scooters. As a treat we took our bikes and scooters onto the playground and rode them around.


Wedding celebrations

We were all very excited to throw a surprise wedding party for Miss Rotherforth who is getting married in the holidays and will be returning to school as Mrs Green. The children were all really good at keeping our party a surprise!


Easter Egg Competition

We had lots of entries for the decorated egg competition


Coach Clayton

Today was our last session with Coach Clayton. We have all really enjoyed learning the new skills and can’t wait to meet again in year one


3D Shapes

This week we have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties. We had great fun taking part in a shape hunt outside.

IMG_2345 IMG_2346

Red Nose Day Fun


Science week

This week we have had fun conducting different science experiments and taken part in experiments with a real scientist








PE with Coach Clayton

We continue to love our PE sessions with Coach Clayton  The children are developing their movement skills and ball skills



The children have had great fun exploring our woodland area! We have been looking at seasonal changes, while climbing trees, building dens and creating mud pictures.  

World book day

We all had fun today coming dressed as our a book character and sharing our favourite books with each other.



IMG_1874 IMG_1877 IMG_1878

Stay and learn

This morning we had another successful stay and learn session. Thank you to everyone who stayed, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoy having you here.




F2T band

We were all very excited when Miss Duff brought the musical instruments in, everyone experienced using the different instruments and we finished by playing together.

Chinese New Year

This week we have been busy celebrating Chinese New Year. We made masks and moving dragons and finished the week with a Chinese banquet.



Year 6 readers

Three times a week we are very lucky to have the year six children coming to listen to our fantastic reading. We all enjoy sharing our books with them.



We were very excited to start our PE lessons this term with Coach Clayton. Coach Clayton explains the circuits to us and we have 30 minutes to complete them with our teams. The children really enjoyed the session and we can’t wait for next week.


Police station

The children asked if we could have a Police Station in the classroom, we discussed what we needed and found the resources together. Some children said we needed a Police car so they got two crates from outside,but decided it didn’t look right so two boys guarded the car whilst the others made the outside.




Topic Launch day

This half term our topic is, ‘River Deep Mountain High’. To launch our topic we had a topic launch day and all came dressed as Pirates. Look at how much fun we had learning.





Welcome back to 2017



As a special surprise on the last day we all went into the hall and watched the staff pantomime of Snow White and the eight dwarfs. Everyone really enjoyed the performance and are excited to see what might happen next year.



On Wednesday we went to church, some children were chosen to introduce the year 6 children’s readings. It was lovely to see so many parents watching us.



In maths this week we have been ordering by size, we started by ordering children from the shortest to the tallest and then the tallest to the shortest. We then moved onto ordering Christmas items.


Sleepy Shepherd

Everyone did a fantastic job performing the Sleepy Shepherd. We had worked really hard learning our lines and the songs and remembering when it was our turn to move on the stage. Well done everyone.



This morning when we came to. school we were very excited about the frost and fog. We went outside to experience it and found we could write our names in the frost.


Christmas plates 

Look at all the fantastic things the children did with their paper plates.



We all had a fantastic time at the pantomime, even Mr Hopes who got to go on the stage!


Stay and learn

We had lots of fun today sharing our learning with our adults. Don’t worry if you couldn’t join us today the next session will be on Tuesday 7th February.



Children in Need

Today we all came to school dressed in our spotty clothes, we were raising funds for children in Need. We listened to a story about a little girl called Alana who had eczema. Alana was very sad but Children in Need helped her.





This week we have been focusing on reading and using our tricky words (words that can’t be decoded so we have to learn). We tried lots of different activities and challenged each other to read the tricky word and then put it into a sentence.




Today everyone made a poppy to wear and took part in the two minutes silence on the playground. We talked about why we wear poppies and thought about the people who went to war.




Everyone was really excited to share their bonfire experiences. We used the FANTASTICs to help us with our writing and recreated our experiences by getting wrapped up warm and sitting in front of the fire in the dark eating hotdogs.



Everyone is so impressed with the phonics in F2, all the children have been trying really hard to learn the phase 2 sounds and have started applying their knowledge when reading and writing. Keep it up.

2D shapes

We have discovered this week that shapes are everywhere! we started naming  2D shapes and describing their properties, then we made shape pictures and finally walked around school on a shape hunt. Why not challenge us to name and describe a 2D shape to you?


This week we have written spells in our Halloween hats, made patterns in the biggest pumpkin we have ever seen with nails, carved pumpkins and made spells in the water. We have had so much fun!


Meet Bobby Bear

Bobby is our new member of F2T. He likes to watch the children learning and chooses one person to take him home every weekend.


September birthday baker

Every month the children whose birthday are within that month will bake the class a birthday cake. Look at the fantastic one the September birthday children baked.


Stay and learn

Everyone had a fantastic time sharing their learning with their parents during stay and learn.

064065 066 067

Autumn walk 

We all went for a walk to the woods today. We collected autumn objects in our bags and brought them back to the classroom to investigate.





This week we have been working on recognising our numbers and counting.


Settling in

We have been very pleased with how well all the children have settled into F2T. Have a look at how busy we have been.


4 thoughts on “3SL

  1. Mrs Hopes

    Wow, what an exciting first term you all had in F2T!
    We can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful learning adventures that Benjamin and his friends get up to during the Christmas term.
    Thank you Mrs Thomas and Miss Woodhouse.


  2. Amanda Costello

    What amazing pictures, we can’t believe you have done so much since September. Emily has loved showing us who all of her new friends are & telling us more about what you were doing in the pictures. What a super start to school life, we cant wait to see what next term brings.


  3. Emma Norris

    What a wonderful gallery in such a short space of time! We can’t believe how much has happened since starting in September. Phoebe is always eager to tell us what she has been up to so it’s lovely to be able to see the pictures and look back at them with her. Looking forward to seeing some festive pictures and seeing the performances!

  4. Claire Anstee

    It’s so lovely to see Reuben and all his class friends having so much fun and learning so much.
    The pictures are great and we look forward to seeing some more.


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