Welcome to our blog! Here you will find all the exciting learning we have been up to recently. We hope you enjoy looking through our learning and seeing us take on new challenges as we develop through Nursery.



This week in Nursery we have baked tasty buns. We took turns weighing the ingredients after reading the recipe and used our muscles to mix the mixture carefully before spooning the mixture into bun cases. Mr Martin had to put the buns in the oven as only adults can touch the oven as it is hot.


Opening the sand pit

Today we have opened our sand pit ready for the sun! Everyone helped open the bags of sand and empty them into the sand pit ready to use. We carefully used the spades and rakes to move the sand before investigating the sand with our toes!


Our new water channels

Today we took delivery of our new water channels and stands! it has been great fun investigating the water, pouring the water using different containers and watching what was happening to the water.  


Reading is the Key to learning

At school we love sharing books and reading with the children. Reading helps develop every learning skill and is incredibly important. We try to read with the children every day in school. Here the children were reading about recipes that we can make next week in class.


The Castle!

Today in Nursery the children have been looking at castles and forts and wanted to build their own. The children used their gross motor skills and the large blocks to build a castle. Once the castle was built the children wrote labels for the castle and attached them to it. Thexploratory research topics discrimination and racism essaye children also created a secret password to enter.

The (pretend) Fire!

We have been following children’s interests and we have been looking into what fire fighters do. Today in our outdoor area we worked together to put on the fire on the climbing frame. We used our team work skills to support each other and save the day.


The (pretend) Car Crash!

Today in Nursery there was an ‘accident’ and a lorry spilled all of its bricks onto our road. We had to work together to clear the road, fix the road and repair the bikes.



We have had a very busy start to the term and the children in Nursery have been learning and exploring in all the areas of the classroom. We have also been outside developing our skills come sun, wind or rain!

Please see some of our exciting learning that has happened so far below!

Reading stories in dens!


Developing our fine motor skills


Developing our maths skills.


Working on our fine motor skills.


Becoming town planners!


Learning how to be healthy and developing our muscles!


Painting and getting messy!



A big welcome to all our children, old and new! We hope you’ve had an enjoyable summer and are ready for the autumn term with us.

Academic year 2017-2018

We’ve been working hard on our numeracy skills in circle-time and in provision.


29.03.2018 – Happy Easter 🐣🍫

We made chocolate rice crispy buns and hunted for Kinder Eggs that the Easter bunny left for us!

28.03.2018 – Ordering numbers

Well done for ordering the birthday cards independently from 1-10.



After spending time on the obstacle course in the morning, we built our own using all the large construction equipment this afternoon. We worked together to lift and carry the equipment and carefully arrange it.



Nursery have enjoyed moving on the big obstacle course this morning! They had to climb, stretch, balance and swing over the apparatus!



16.03.2018 – Outdoor learning

We love learning outdoors whatever the weather! 🌧🌤❄️☔️🌈



Week beginning 12.03.2018 – Science week

We’ve been experimenting with cornflour, moon dough, bubbles, ice and jelly! We have discussed how these materials change and learnt new words to describe them.


07.03.2018 – Belated World Book Day




02.03.2018 – Do you want to build a snowman? ☃️

We hope you had lots of fun during our snow days! We would love to see any snow pictures from home. We brought the snow inside as it was too icy to learn outside. It was cold on our hands! Miss Woodhouse challenged the children to build a snowman in true ‘Anna’ style! We also investigated melting.



26.02.2018 – Careful building with a clear purpose in mind


21.02.2018 – Handa’s Surprise

We’ve been reading the story Handa’s Suprise. We made fruit kebabs, recorded the story with our drawings and emergent writing and drew pictures of fruit. Have you got a favourite fruit?




19.02.2018 – Mark-making on a large scale! We made good use of the large cardboard boxes some new equipment was delivered in.



09.02.2018 – Bubble mixture

We’ve been making bubble mixture, trying to get the consistency ‘just right’. Look at this big bubble!


02.02.2018 – Experimenting with paint on a large scale

01.02.2018 – Matching number, Numicon and quantity

24.01.2018 – Fostering a love of reading

A book is a dream you hold in your hands!

22.01.2018 – Counting and writing numbers

18.01.2018 – Settling into Nursery life

Our new boys and girls are working hard making new friends, establishing routines and exploring their new environment.

05.01.2018 – Happy New Year
A big well done to our new children who settled in well this week!

Even though it’s been cold, wet and dreary we’ve enjoyed learning outside this week!

15.12.2017 – Christmas time in nursery

04.12.2017 – Showtime 🎤

Just a reminder that we will be in the hall from 9.45am with the children in the morning. Enjoy coffee, mince pies and photographs from this term beforehand.

01.12.2017 – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄

30.11.2017 – The Smelly Sprout

29.11.2017 – Writing wish lists! 🎅🎁🎄

29.11.2017 – Christmas fair

We’ve been getting ready for our Christmas fair. We’ve been decorating plants with lots of glitter and writing numbers for our chocolate raffle. Please support our stall on Friday!

24.11.2017 – Mark-making in nursery

22.11.2017 – Ordering numicon

We’ve been ordering numicon from 1 to 5 and 1 to 10.

17.11.2017 – Supporting children in need

10.11.2017 – Remembrance Day

We watched a BBC children’s remembrance film called ‘Poppies’. A beautiful animation that sees war as experienced by animals in a WW1 battlefield. We made our own class poppy with our handprints.

09.11.2017 – Amazing progress since the start of the year writing her name independently!

30.10.2017 – Rights Respecting Campaign

In nursery we have been joining in with our whole school rights respecting campaign. All children were given a white piece of paper, a black dot and a black pen. They were asked to turn the black dot into a picture of their choice, absolutely anything! A great way to show how individual every child is.

18.10.2017 – Pumpkin Soup 🎃

Continuing our interest in pumpkins we have read the story pumpkin soup by Helen Cooper. With Miss Woodhouse we have made our own pumpkin soup. Can you tell by our faces if we liked it or not?

Week beginning 09.10.2017 – Autumn 🍂🍁🍃

We’ve been on autumn walks to collect leaves to compare. We’ve looked at size, colour and shape.

Looking closely at collected items in our autumn tray. Lots of great observational drawings by the children this week.

Pumpkins 🎃

We’ve been growing our own, investigating and listening to stories. A massive thank you to the parents who donated this whopper for us to explore in nursery. Look out for pumpkin soup next week!

06.10.2017 – Numicon

05.10.2017 – Independent name writing

We are working hard on our pencil grips, organisation on the paper, direction of marks and letter formation.


29.09.2017 – Supporting a great cause x

We took part in the Macmillan coffee morning and had lots of fun decorating buns. We raised £23.50! Thank you for your donations.


Exploring paint and role-playing using the blocks have been a big hit with the children. Some great concentration and attention to detail on display.


25.09.2017 – Settling-in

A big well done to all the children for settling-in over these past few weeks. Here’s a glimpse of what we have been getting up to!
  11.09.2017 – Hello!

A big welcome to all our children, old and new! We hope you’ve had an enjoyable summer and are ready for the autumn term with us. Meet our fabulous team!

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