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Sports Awards Evening – 04.07.18

Congratulations to all our children who were nominated for awards at this year’s Sports Awards Evening. Over the year, your contribution to school PE and sports clubs has been much appreciated and we are all very proud of you! Well done.

Sport awards 3 Sport awards 2 Sport awards 1

MAAT Climbing at The Depot – 23.05.18

Our year 5 MAAT children had a great morning of climbing at The Depot in Pudsey with other children from across the trust. We are very proud of their achievements and behaviour throughout as they certainly had to come out of their comfort zones and conquer some of their fears. Well done!

IMG_ climbing 1 IMG_ climbing 2 IMG_ climbing 3 IMG_ climbing 4

Great Big Dance Off – 19.03.18

What an incredible day at The Victoria Theatre in Halifax and an even more incredible performance by our dance team. These children from years 4, 5 and 6 produced the performance of their lives to ‘wow’ a packed audience of over 100 paying adults. It was a great experience and a tough competition as we were up against some fantastic dance teams from across the North of England. The children made us all extremely proud and finished a very respectable 7th. Well done!

Cross Country Regional Finals – 8.03.18

We are extremely proud of this young man as today, he represented not only ABPS but ran for LEEDS at the Cross Country Regional Finals at Temple Newsam. He ran his heart out against some of the best young runners from across the whole of West Yorkshire and managed to finish inside the top 10, running 1km in under 3 and a half minutes – INCREDIBLE! His position would have seen him do enough to qualify for the National finals but unfortunately, individual runners are unable to go any further in the Year 4 category. This just means one thing – Bring on next year! Well done, you should be very proud of your achievements.

jack 1 jack 2 jack 3 jack 34

Year 4/5/6 Cross Country: Leeds Finals – 21.02.18

A huge well done to the boys and girls who competed at the Leeds Finals. It was a huge effort just to get to this stage and they all did amazing on the day, They ran against some very, very tough competition with schools from across the whole of Leeds competing for a spot at the Regional Finals! We have at least one confirmed runner who managed to qualify to the next stage. A massive congratulations and well done once again to you all.

Cross country team

Year 2 Skipping Competition – 31.01.18

Children from 2AC and 2AW had a blast and gave their all at the Brigshaw Trust skipping competition today. They did themselves and the school very proud – well done!

image image image image image

Badminton Event 2 – 22.01.18

Well done and a big thank you to the children who attended the second badminton training event at Brigshaw High school. It was another successful evening and the children were able to show off the progress they had made in some fun, competitive badminton games.

DSCN0172[1] DSCN0174[1] DSCN0173[1] DSCN0175[1]

Climbing Wall

It’s not everyday that you get a climbing wall in school! Thanks to Herd farm, our children were able to have a go at climbing right here at school. Take a look at all our awesome children who had a go below:

IMG_7037 IMG_7038 IMG_7039 IMG_7040 IMG_7041 IMG_7042 IMG_7043 IMG_7044 IMG_7045 IMG_7046 IMG_7047 IMG_7048 IMG_7051 IMG_7052 IMG_7053 IMG_7054 IMG_7055 IMG_7057 IMG_7062 IMG_7063 IMG_7064 IMG_7065 IMG_7066 IMG_7068 IMG_7069 IMG_7070 IMG_7071 IMG_7072

Badminton Event 1 – 27.11.17

Our first ‘Trust’ badminton event was a massive success. The children had a great time learning some of the basics skills required for badminton through fun games and activities with staff from ‘Badminton England’. They are all looking forward to going to the next event where they will learn more game specific tactics and skills.

IMG_7069 IMG_7068 IMG_7062 IMG_7061 IMG_7063 IMG_7066 IMG_7054 IMG_7065 IMG_7055 IMG_7058 IMG_7053 IMG_7059 IMG_7067 IMG_7057 IMG_7064

Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics – 16.10.17

A huge well done to our Year 5/6 athletics team who competed up at Brigshaw against other schools from the trust – there was some amazing talent on display and every event was hotly contested. All our boys and girls battled throughout the competition in a variety of both track and field events including; an obstacle relay, hurdles, triple jump, speed bounce, vertical jump and javelin throw. We had some excellent results and are all very proud of how the children performed – our smiling faces and ‘never say die’ attitude a personal highlight. Well done! Here’s a few snapshots of our athletes in action:


javelin 2 javelin relay 2 relay running 2 running  throwing 2 throwing 3 Throwing

Cross Country Update (13.10.17): Congratulations to the year 4 boys, Sophie (Y5) and Ella (Y6) who have all qualified for the Leeds City Cross Country Finals!

Pro-cycling – 12.10.17

Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to be visited by Olympian Phil Bateman who represented team GB during the Olympics. He passed on his vast knowledge and expertise as the children tried a variety of cycling challenges including time trial races, adaptability challenges, as well as endurance and team events. The sessions were fantastic and enjoyed by all children.

DSCF3647 DSCF3648 DSCF3640 DSCF3631

Cross Country – 11.10.17

Boys and girls from years 4, 5 and 6 had another eventful afternoon at the cross country event at Brigshaw High School. We competed against other schools from Leeds with a very high standard on show across each year group. Well done to all our runners, you were amazing! Hopefully we have done enough to qualify for the next round.

IMG_6656 IMG_6657 IMG_6659 IMG_6661

Brigshaw Trust

Netball league table 2015-16

Final standings

Win = 3 points

Draw = 2 points

Lost = 1 points0


School Played won drawn lost for against points
KG 17 7 3 7 16 17 34
AB 20 7 4 9 15 20 38
GP 16 1 8 7 2 11 26
Meth 13 9 3 1 13 1 34
SW 17 11 2 4 27 7 43
KN 13 1 6 6 2 9 21
KA 2 2 1 14 4

A huge well done to the ABPS Netball team. We managed to finish 2nd in the trust league, which is a fantastic achievement that all pupils and staff are immensely proud of. Congratulations to all children who represented the school team during this academic year. Also, a thank you to Mr Walton, Miss Atkinson, Mrs Kelly and Mr Ivel for their help and dedication during the year. All of the practice has really paid off this year!

Mr Allinson

On Tuesday, some of our Year 6 play-leaders attended a conference at Brigshaw High School. The aim of the day was for the children to develop their confidence, communication and ideas-sharing with regards to leading physical activity at play-times. The children had a fantastic day, and cam back to school buzzing with new ideas and activities.

play leaders 2

play leaders




Brigshaw Trust

Netball league table 2015-16

After round 4

As you can see, ABPS are joint top of the league with 29 points!


School Played won drawn lost for against points
KG 11 4 2 5 10 13 21
AB 14 6 3 5 13 12 29
GP 10 4 6 8 14
Meth 7 5 1 1 9 1 18
SW 11 8 2 1 23 5 29
KN 11 1 4 6 2 9 17

Congratulations to the Year 5/6 girls football team, who finished 3rd at a Brigshaw Trust Futsal event this week. The girls played four matches, winning one, drawing 2 and losing one game. Some action shots from our matches are below:

futsal 1

futsal 3

Our school vision statement with regards to PE is:

Allerton Bywater Primary School is committed to providing high quality teaching in Physical Education lessons across all age phases, within all areas of PE. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the needs and interests of our children, for whom both curriculum coverage and progression is ensured. All children are provided with the opportunities to attend extra-curricular sports clubs and represent Allerton Bywater Primary School at a variety of events and competitions.

Match Report: Year 5/6 Netball Team

On Monday the 5th of October Allerton Bywater primary school had a netball game against Methley, Kippax Greenfields, and Great Preston. Also, it was the first netball game of the year I think if we had our best play on we will win the games. Also, if we all play well this year we can win trophy’s and medals and if we could be one of the most best team in the brigshaw trust. The time when the tournament started is quarter to 4. First, we all got to brigshaw and then started to warm up so we do not pull any muscles when we are playing the amazing tournament and then we all had to wait for the other schools to get to brigshaw so when they got there we could do some shooting and then whilst they are training we could warm up more and then hopefully because if we have extra training so we are extra warmed up so we could win all the games and then Mr Allinson and all the netball coaches would be impressed in what our school which is the amazing Allerton Bywater primary school because we are the best in the whole universe.

Here is the amazing team of Allerton Bywater,

David Benson

Sonny Taylor

Charlie Land

Ben Brook

Saskia Lane

Tayarna Random

Erin Leach

Iona Logan

Harvey Smith

We have the best team in the whole world.


The tournament started at half past four. We played first and it was Allerton vs Methley and the possession and here it is for both teams for defence it was 65% and Sonny Taylor almost scored 3 times but unluckily he hit the top of the net but rolled around it but fell of the other side of the net. And then it finished 0-0.

The next amazing game was against Greenfields which was amazing and the possession was 55% for the passing. Also, the teams was being so fair that we all thought that we would have had a good game. First, David Benson had a net which made his shooting percentage 100%. And after, that Greenfields shocked Allerton with a brilliant net when they had an amazing break through and then finished it. A few minutes later Greenfields scored again. And then it made the score 2-1 so then Greenfields are now in the lead with a 1 net difference. After that David scored with a late breakthrough to make the game 2-2 and now the game is on so we could have a win come on. From the centre pass Greenfields made a breakthrough and had a brilliant shot on goal and it rolled around the net and it went down the middle of the net and it made it 3-2 so now Greenfield’s are in the lead come on Allerton. A minute later they intercepted the ball and passed it over the defence where they did not know what was going to happen so they had a breakthrough and passed it to their goal shooter and he shot and they got a net. The score was 4-2 and the game was over what a brilliant game. The final game was against Methley which we thought would be a brilliant game to play and would be a fair game to play in because if it was not a fair game what would be the point in playing a team that is not fair. And the game kicked off and so the game was in play with 10 minutes to play and win the possession was 65% between both teams which was fair so 35% more could make it 100%. The time came when Allerton where they had a shot and it rolled around the net so it made 1-0 to Allerton so come on and win it. The unlucky Methley are not in the lead anymore so we could win. A Few minutes later they had a net oh no Allerton we have let them have a bad breakthrough so now it is 1-1 unlucky with 1 minute left in the game we start with the centre pass and the Methley and Allerton are trying to defend their net so no one gets a net and with 23 seconds left the amazing Iona lobbed the ball to the amazing ben brook who put the ball into the back of the net which made us win the game with a 2-1 win. Well done Allerton the brilliant coach Mr Allinson was so proud that he went home with a brilliant cheer because of all our amazing performance in the first tournament of the year so I hope this year we can win more of the tournaments so sometimes we maybe can win medals and trophy’s for Mr Allinson and then he will be proud. So if we can carry on our brilliant performance we could do well for our school which is amazing and outstanding and then Mr Cairns will be happy and so will all the staff.

Written by Coby Riley, David Benson, Harvey Smith.

        Match Report: Year 5/6 Football Team

Tuesday 6th October

On Tuesday, we had a football game on the Allerton Bywater primary school back field. Firstly, we all met up and did some training to get warmed up for the first friendly of the year. Next, the kick off was about to start the captains walked forward to decide who would have kick off. After that, Kippax Greenfields one the decision so the away team got the advantage for kick off. The   time off the kick off was quarter 4. Here is the first half team line up is

Benjamin Brook In net,

Charlie Land in defence,

Jack Leach in defence,

Harvey Smith in Right midfielder,

Coby Riley in centre midfield,

David Benson in left midfielder,

Sonny Taylor in striker

And last of all

Connor Coote on sub

Now the time comes, the first half begins all the team has brilliant possession and I would say the passing from both teams was fabulous and the statistics of the passing is 90% passing and then Greenfields get the break the defenders are under pressure the number 7 of Greenfields gets a shot on target it nutmegged the keeper Ben brook unlucky it is 0-1 to Greenfields. Next, Number three from Greenfields fouled number 7 from Allerton Bywater primary it is a free kick. Coby took the free kick and passed it to Charlie land and then he chipped the ball over the defence to David Benson. Also, then took 2 men on and then took a strike and scored with his weak foot its 1-1 well done Allerton. A few minutes later, we had had a throwing and number 7 threw a ball into the penalty area and Greenfields cleared it and Harvey Smith took on 4 players and beat the keeper goal! Finally, it is 2-1 to Allerton well done again. A few seconds later Coby riley had a screamer from the half way line what a goal. We start again it is 3-1 yes! A kick off once again, A few minutes later Greenfields have a break once again for the second time in the game the team is under pressure and number 8 from Greenfields have a shot it goes past the keeper Ben Brook the amazing keeper and it is 3-2. Unlucky, Allerton Bywater we have another kick off for the 2 time of the game for Allerton. The whistle has been blown for the half. The percentage for the half is 63% out of the half.

The second half starts, Connor Coote comes on for sonny Taylor and the whistle has being blown we have kick off Allerton has possession and 5 minutes into the second half we have a break and we are all having a brilliant half for the 2 half of the game and it goes out for a throwing. Coby riley gets brought off for sonny Taylor we have a break with sonny Taylor he takes a man on and then got tackled by a defender by the Greenfields defender and now they have a break Jack leach the amazing defender intercepts the Greenfields player David Benson passes and then gets it back by sonny and then has a crack at goal and finishes it in the bottom left corner. Yes Allerton once again we have a brilliant goal. It is now 4-2 to Allerton. Another  kick off for the game Greenfields have a sub and there number 11 come on and have a break and then there number 11 has a shot and scores right down the middle past our keeper Ben Brook we now need to work well as a team so we have a win. Unlucky, Allerton it is 4-3. once again The kick-off has started and then we have possession and then we got the ball stole from and they have possession and then we go in and fouled the team in the last minute Greenfields have a free kick and there number 5 has a brilliant effort and then there goal scorer number 11 has another shot and it goes in. it is 4-4 what a score for the end of the fantastic game of the first friendly of the year it is a draw .Good game Allerton vs Greenfields the score is 4-4 .

Written by Coby Riley, David Benson, Harvey Smith.







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