Year 6 – 2016


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Mr Ivel, Mrs Covell and Year 6.

Virtual Middle School Day 2

27.6.17 – It has been another exciting day at Brigshaw today. Our lessons included English, Double Science, Orienteering and Maths! We have really enjoyed getting to know the layout of the school better and have had lots of fun exploring Fibonacci’s patterns and Roald Dahl’s autobiographical writing. Here are some of the pictures of the children in Science testing the effects when Calcium Chloride and Water are mixed together!

IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_0660 IMG_0661 IMG_0662 IMG_0663 IMG_0664

Virtual Middle School Day 1

26.6.17 – Virtual Middle School kicked off today, giving the children the chance to experience their first day at secondary school. Today our lessons included English, Maths, Art and German alongside some time, as a class, rehearsing production. The children engaged really well in all the lessons and we are looking forward to day two tomorrow! Here are a few pictures of the children in their art lesson looking at printing.

IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0653 IMG_0654 IMG_0655 IMG_0656

Light Water Valley

16.6.17 – What an incredible end of year treat for us all today. We have all had a super day exploring the fun, laughter and excitement that Light Water Valley has to offer. Adults and children have gone out of their comfort zones and it was a real privilege to take all of the children for such a lovely day out. Well Done Year 6!

IMG_7555 (2) IMG_7557 IMG_7559 (6) IMG_7575 IMG_7577 IMG_7579 IMG_7585 IMG_7592 (9) IMG_7601 IMG_7604 IMG_7616 IMG_7620 IMG_7624 IMG_7631 IMG_7640 IMG_7646 IMG_7647 IMG_7650 IMG_7652 IMG_7657 IMG_7658 IMG_7662 IMG_7672 IMG_7678 IMG_7698


Temple Newsam

18.5.17 – We had a wonderful day at Temple Newsam today. We were able to explore the house and develop our sketching and observation skills. The children also got to take part in a clay workshop where we used the theme of fish to create clay sculptures. We are looking forward to displaying the fish with the rest of the school’s clay work.

IMG_3369 IMG_3375 IMG_3376 IMG_3387 IMG_3389 IMG_6463 IMG_6472 IMG_6480 IMG_6481 IMG_6487

We did it!!

11.5.17 – What a week it’s been for Year 6 facing their end of key stage 2 SATS tests. They have made all of the adults incredibly proud at school and have tried their very best on some tricky questions this week. We made the most of the sunshine and had a game of rounders to celebrate after a whole class ‘DAB’. We are looking forward to Friday Funday tomorrow and to enjoying the many other activities we have to come this year. Well Done 6CI – you are incredible!!

Year 6


Topic Launch Day

21.4.17 – The children have had a fantastic day today learning all about The Romans. The children designed shields, took part in a roman army boot camp and solved some tricky problems involving roman numerals. We have finished the day with some child initiated learning. Take a look at some of the photos of the children taking part in the boot camp.

DSCN1867[1] DSCN1876[1] DSCN1892[1] DSCN1873[1] DSCN1890[1] DSCN1889[1] DSCN1882[1] DSCN1886[1]


21.3.17 – On Tuesday afternoon, Year 5 and 6 children were invited to take part in some cycle time trials with Olympic medalist Phil Bateman. The children all competed in the right manner, giving 100% effort and commitment as well as showing excellent sportsmanship. Here are a few shots from the afternoon…

DSCN1971 DSCN1970 DSCN1969 DSCN1968 DSCN1967 DSCN1966 DSCN1965 DSCN1964 DSCN1963 DSCN1962 DSCN1961 DSCN1960 DSCN1959 DSCN1958 DSCN1957 DSCN1956 DSCN1955 DSCN1954 DSCN1953 DSCN1952 DSCN1951 DSCN1950 DSCN1949 DSCN1948

Day 5

10.3.17 – After sorting out our equipment and packing up for the journey home, we called in at Skipton Castle and were given a tour of the castle and grounds. It has been a wonderful experience for all of the children and staff involved and they are all very proud of themselves and each other. Well done Year 6 – it has been a pleasure to spend our week with you!

IMG_0176 IMG_0181 IMG_0184 IMG_0185 IMG_0189 IMG_0190 IMG_0196 IMG_0198

Day 4

9.3.17 – We have had a superb final day of activities with all children pushing themselves, working together and enjoying the sunshine, finishing with movie night. The children continue to make each other and all the adults proud and are heading up to bed for their well deserved final nights sleep.

IMG_0117 IMG_0141 IMG_4777 IMG_4767 IMG_6229 IMG_0172 image1 (1) image1 (2)

Day 3 – Disco!

8.3.17 – Another fabulous day packed with activities! Fears have been conquered and the children have continued to do us proud. We finished the day with a disco; it was great to see all of the children continuing to enjoy themselves and having fun!

IMG_0101 IMG_6287 IMG_6292 IMG_6293 IMG_6296 IMG_6297 IMG_6299

Day 2

7.3.17 – Caving, Orienteering, Tree climbing, Photo trails and Problem solving sum up an excellent second day. Fantastic, supportive attitudes from all the children and very proud adults. Here are just some of the photos from today…!

IMG_4672 IMG_4681 IMG_4682 IMG_6138 IMG_6139IMG_0004


Folk Dancing!

6.3.17 – We were joined by Cris who taught us some very entertaining Folk dances. Take a look at some of the children in action including hand holding between boys and girls!!

IMG_6113 IMG_6118 IMG_9968 IMG_9982 IMG_9989


Day 1

6.3.17 – What a fabulous first day! We have been exploring the ‘show cave’ and enjoyed a fabulous walk in the sunshine. The children have finished their tea and are currently writing their diaries and exploring the tuck shop. Folk dancing and hot chocolate to follow!


IMG_6073 IMG_6084 IMG_6086 IMG_6103 IMG_9942 IMG_9952

Ingleborough 2017


Arrived safely, kit issued, lunch eaten, sun shining, beds being made as we type! Adults and children all excited for the show cave this afternoon 🙂


Guardian Angels

1.3.17 – All of Year 6 met their child, who they are going to be a role model guardian angel for, last week. The children designed a ‘getting to know you activity’ and learnt lots about their child, who they are going to be looking out for around school. It was an amazing atmosphere in the hall and the Year 6 children were incredible at being role models to the younger members of our school.

DSCN1928 DSCN1929 DSCN1931 DSCN1932 DSCN1933 DSCN1935 DSCN1936 DSCN1939 DSCN1940


Safer Internet Day/Stay and Learn.

7.2.17 – It was lovely to see the parents that joined us for Stay and Learn today – we hope you enjoyed the internet safety activities with the children. Year 6 were focussing on sharing things on the internet and how sometimes different people can view images/emojis and messages in different ways. We finished the day with an emoji themed presentation to teach younger children the importance of being aware of what they share.

DSCN1919[1] DSCN1918[1] DSCN1917[1] DSCN1916[1]




2.2.17 – Today, to link in with our art topic and our class book (Kensuke’s Kingdom) the children had a go at using paint to express/show different moods and feelings through the form of painting. We painted the seasons and a Sakura tree. Take a look at some of the children’s work below.

DSCN1908[1] DSCN1909[1] DSCN1910[1] DSCN1911[1] DSCN1912[1] DSCN1913[1]



25.1.17 – We have been looking at microorganisms in science. The children learnt about bacteria, fungi and virus’s and used play doh to recreate them.


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