Welcome to 4JT!

Welcome to 4JT’s blog. We are really excited to share all our fantastic learning with you. Please check our blog regularly to find out what we have been doing. If you would like to leave us a comment please scroll to the end of our blog and fill in the boxes. Thank you!

June 05.06.19

Our new class read for this half term is The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. After making accurate predictions yesterday, the children read chapter 1 today and were challenged to retrieve key events and map out the boy’s escape.

May 21.05.19 – Science

Check out the children all learning about sound! They’ve been discovering how sound is made through vibrations and investigating pitch and volume.

May 21.05.19 – Stay & Learn

This morning, we invited our parents to stay for an hour while we showcased some of our brilliant learning in year 4. The pupils turned detectives and demonstrated their Maths skills by working together to solve a mystery! The children always enjoy having their parents watch them in action and the parents seemed to be very impressed with what they saw.

May 14.05.19

Having experienced such an amazing day celebrating the Tour De Yorkshire last week, the children are preparing to write a detailed recount of the day. They have been challenged to try include all the grammar focuses as well as their favourite moments and their feelings/emotions throughout the day. Here they are working collaboratively in groups…


May 06.05.19

Our super learners have been developing their knowledge of money by solving some tricky problems in Maths this week.

March 15.03.19

Can you beat Jess – 4JT’s  and the school’s quickest Times Tables Rockstar?! She has an average speed of 0.58 seconds! Check our her incredible speed below…



Herd Farm 4th – 6th February 2019

What an amazing time we had at Herd Farm! We are all extremely proud of the children for their efforts on each activity and their behaviour throughout our stay. Check out some of the pictures below!




Stay & Learn 29.11.18

Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us this morning for stay and learn. The children loved sharing their learning with you!

Tree planting 27.11.18

 The children became gardeners for the afternoon as they played their past in planting over 300 trees around ABPS field. We were very excited to be a part of this and can’t wait to watch them grow over the years. The children thought it was ‘cool’ when they talked about the trees, that they planted, still being at ABPS long after they have left the school. 

Children in Need! 16.11.18

The children dressed up and brought in generous donations for children in need. As a school, we were able to raise over £400! Thank you all for your efforts, the children looked fantastic and the money is going to a great cause.

Victorians: Topic Launch Day – 06.11.18

We had lots of fun celebrating our new whole school today with the children coming dressed up as Victorians. Through a carousel of activities, we learnt a bit more about the Victorians and hooked the children in to the new topic. The activities included: Victorian games, Victorian art, Victorian cooking and common objects from the Victorian era.

A very merry Christmas from me and all of 3CW

What a fantastic first term we have all had. There has been so much progress, heaps of effort and a mind – boggling amount of learning. I am immensely proud of each and every child in here. A huge thank you also goes out to all the adults at home for their continuing support and care.

I am thoroughly looking forward to continuing this success into the Spring term. I will leave you with a couple of pictures of all of us enjoying a well earned Christmas party.

DSCN2136[1] DSCN2137[1]

All that is left to say is merry Christmas! Have a lovely, relaxing and family – filled holiday.

3CW – A catch up! 

There has been some fantastic learning happening in 3CW since the start of this exciting new school year. We would like to share a few of our favourite moments with you. DSCN2919 DSCN2920 DSCN2921 TwitterDSCN2889 DSCN2890 DSCN2891 DSCN2893 DSCN2894 DSCN2898 DSCN2903 DSCN2906 DSCN2908 DSCN2909DSCN2076 DSCN2077 DSCN2078 

From top to bottom: first of all we have some excellent creative maths happening, followed by the creation and exciting eruption of our very own volcanoes to tie in with our topic ‘The Elements’. The last few photos are of 3CW preparing to make our very own war time soup. It was delicious (although I’m not sure every child would agree!).

Stay tuned for plenty more as the year continues.

Autumn 2 Newsletter. 

Hello all. Here is an online version of 3CW’s newsletter that went out in the first week of this half term, just in case anyone missed it. 3 CW Autumn 2 Newsletter

Welcome to 2AW!

Welcome to 2AW’s blog. We are really excited to share all our fantastic learning with you. Please check our blog regularly to find out what we have been doing. If you would like to leave us a comment please scroll to the end of our blog and fill in the boxes. Thank you!



26.06.17 Wow! What wonderful shadow puppets we have made! In science this week we have been exploring how shadows are created. We made our own shadow puppets and used a torch to to make a shadow. We even found out how to make the shadows bigger and smaller!

DSCF1459 DSCF1461 DSCF1462 DSCF1454 DSCF1455 DSCF1456

Investigation week

Maths this week has been full on investigations! We have been working systematically to find as many ways as possible to make different robots, do 4 buttons up and find which pets could be in a pet shop! 2AW have been working fantastically in their pairs having some great discussions. I wonder which pair will win our competition?

DSCF1444 DSCF1445 DSCF1446 DSCF1448


This week we have been learning about capacity and volume. We worked out the capacity and the volume for each container and then calculated how much was needed to fill it up.

DSCF1441 DSCF1442 DSCF1443 DSCF1439DSCF1440


In Maths we have been measuring length. We used our measuring skills to investigate the length a toy car travelled when the height of it’s ramp was changed. We found out that the higher the ramp was the longer the car travels.

DSCF1437 DSCF1438 DSCF1435DSCF1436


This half term we have been using Barbra Hepworth and Louise Nevelson’s sculptures to inspire our own artwork. We have been building Barbra Hepworth like sculptures from cardboard boxes  and created our own assemblages in the style of Louise Nevelson.

DSCF1406 DSCF1405

DSCF1410 DSCF1411 DSCF1412 DSCF1413 DSCF1414 DSCF1415 DSCF1416 DSCF1404 DSCF1407 DSCF1408


DSCF1419 DSCF1420


21.05.17 Today in Science we have been investigating again! This time we have been investigating which material would be best for a towel. We tested lots of different materials by wetting our hands in water and then drying them on the materials!                                          Which material do you think would be best and why?

DSCF1399 DSCF1400 DSCF1401 DSCF1402 DSCF1403

Golden Time

Golden time is one of our favourite times of the week because we get to celebrate all the right choice we are making! Have a look at some of the games and crafts we get up to.

DSCF1389 DSCF1388


Hamster Cages

08.05.17 We have been investigating which material would be best for a hamster cage. We have been using sandpaper to act as the hamster’s teeth and have been testing the materials wood, plastic, fabric and metal. Which do you think will be best?

DSCF1381 DSCF1375 DSCF1376 DSCF1378 DSCF1379 DSCF1380


This half term we are very lucky to have Miss Duff teach us Music on a Wednesday afternoon. We have been enjoying learning lots of new songs! Why not ask us about Double Double This This!


Temple Newsam

27.04.17 Today we had an exciting trip to Temple Newsam. We were lucky enough to have a tour around the house and have a clay sculpting workshop! We made clay pots and crowns so we could pretend to be kings and queens as we walked around the old house!

IMG_1775 IMG_1746 IMG_1771 DSCF1342 DSCF1343 DSCF1320 DSCF1321  DSCF1325 DSCF1326DSCF1323 DSCF1332 DSCF1334 DSCF1335 DSCF1338


25.04.17 We have been practicing our sculpting techniques with play dough. We have been pinching, kneading and rolling. to manipulate the dough. We are looking forward to practicing our techniques in our clay workshop at Temple Newsam on Thursday. 

DSCF1301 DSCF1303 DSCF1305 DSCF1306 DSCF1307 DSCF1309 DSCF1310 DSCF1313 DSCF1315 DSCF1316

Topic Launch Day

Today we had yet another exciting topic launch day for this term’s topic on Florence Nightingale.  We participated in lots of fun activities including Making Florence Nightingale outfits, sketching, making lamps and learning first aid!

DSCF1291 DSCF1292 DSCF1293 DSCF1295 DSCF1296  DSCF1299DSCF1298 DSCF1300

Reading Champions

Well done 2AW for everybody’s reading efforts! We have won the reading champion trophy! Keep it up!!


Mothering Sunday

I hope you all enjoyed Mother’s Day on Sunday and were looked after by your children. We enjoyed making cards for you all, we hope you liked them!

DSCF1256 DSCF1257 DSCF1258 DSCF1259

Red Nose Day

Wow, we all looked amazing dressed in red. Have a look at the fun activities we got up to while raising money for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day!

DSCF1263DSCF1265 DSCF1267 DSCF1264DSCF1266   DSCF1270 DSCF1271DSCF1268 DSCF1274 DSCF1275



20.03.17: Today we have finished making our rubbish collecting models to help clean up the ocean. Have a look at our wonderful creations!

DSCF1232 DSCF1233 DSCF1244 DSCF1245   DSCF1253DSCF1252DSCF1248

St Patrick’s Day

Some members of the class have been celebrating St Patrick’s Day by doing some Irish dancing!


Mad Science!!

This week has been mad science week! We have been doing all things science and having lots of fun doing lots of experiments. 

First we looked at what happens to skittles when we had water and then made some bubbling potions.

DSCF1184 DSCF1199 DSCF1197 DSCF1185DSCF1193 DSCF1189

We made erupting volcanoes using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar!

DSCF1208 DSCF1216 DSCF1215 DSCF1214 DSCF1213 DSCF1212

We even had a go at adding mentos to coca-cola!


Then we made slime!

DSCF1228 DSCF1227 DSCF1226 DSCF1221


10.03.17 In ICT today we have become coders! We have been exploring block coding,by making wizards and witches fly around the screen and start to make things disappear by giving the computer instructions.

DSCF1171 DSCF1172 DSCF1173 DSCF1174

Model Making

Thank you for all your contributions towards our DT topic lesson. We have had so much fun designing and beginning to make our ocean rubbish collectors. I wonder what the final product will look like!

DSCF1155 DSCF1156 DSCF1157 DSCF1158  DSCF1162 DSCF1163 DSCF1164DSCF1160


On Friday, a few children from across year 2 traveled up to Brigshaw High School to compete in a skipping competition. All children did really well and some of us even got some bronze, silver or gold certificates. Well done everyone!

DSCN2175  DSCN2182 DSCN2188DSCN2194DSCN2177DSCN2185   DSCN2197DSCN2189

World Book Day

Wow, all of 2AW looked fantastic!!! Everybody made such an effort and I loved all of your costumes. Well done to everyone for their reading efforts this week for Readathon- keep going!! Have a look at all of our wonderful costumes!

DSCF1120 DSCF1123 DSCF1126  DSCF1130 DSCF1128DSCF1131  DSCF1138 DSCF1148  DSCF1144 DSCF1145 DSCF1142DSCF1143  DSCF1153DSCF1150 DSCF1149DSCF1151 DSCF1137


01.03.17 Today we investigated the properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes in Maths and used new vocabulary to describe them.

DSCF1113 DSCF1114 DSCF1115 DSCF1116 DSCF1117

Living Things

21.02.17 As part of our Science topic this term, Living Things and their Habitats, we investigated what things were living, dead or non-living around school. We found lots of things around school that fitted into all three categories!

DSCF1111 DSCF1112

E-Safety Day

Today was E-safety day, a big thank you to all parents and grandparents that came for stay and learn in the morning there were lots of smiles in the classroom from both children and adults. We got up to all kind of things today such as, making e-safety poems and and posters, learning what photographs should and shouldn’t be put on the internet as well as creating a collage all about us and a safe username to use online. We ended the day with an assembly where we presented our learning. 

DSCF1105 DSCF1106 DSCF1107 DSCF1108 DSCF1109


This week in Maths we have been exploring fractions. We have been making equal parts, finding the fractions of shapes and numbers and learning about the numerator and denominator.

DSCF1037 DSCF1045 DSCF1061 DSCF1062 DSCF1063


The Deep

What a great day we had! Year 1 and 2 were lucky enough to have a trip to the deep and we were able to explore  looking at all the fish, penguins and insects! We also had the opportunity to have workshop where we investigated the different continents and oceans across the world. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day!

DSCF1066 DSCF1067 DSCF1068 DSCF1069 DSCF1070 DSCF1073 DSCF1075 DSCF1081 DSCF1092 DSCF1093 DSCF1094


Well done to the group of year 2s who went to Brigshaw High School last night to compete against the other primary schools in the Brigshaw Trust. All the children did really well and did the school proud. We came third overall so a big well done to you all!

DSCF1052 DSCF1053  DSCF1058

Listen up!

26.01.17 In circle time today we were learning to listen to our friends. In pairs we were given a piece of paper and a picture that we had to draw. We were sat back to back so we couldn’t see each other drawing or the picture they had.  We had to really listen closely to our partner’s instructions about how to draw the picture they were given. Some of our finished drawings were identical but some were a little questionable! 

DSCF1034[1] DSCF1035[2]

Oceans and Continents

During topic we have become researchers. 2AW were split up into 7 groups to research 1 continent each. We found out lots of interesting facts about Africa, Asia, Australasia, Antarctica Europe, North America and South America including Antarctica has the smallest population and Africa has the world’s longest river! We made posters about our continent and presented it to everybody at the end.

DSCF1029 DSCF1030 DSCF1031 DSCF1032


Money Money Money!

All this week we have been investigating money. We have been recognising the coins and their values, writing amounts of money and finding all the different ways that we can make different amounts of money.

DSCF1011 DSCF1017 DSCF1019 DSCF1020

Working together

12.01.17: Today in circle time we had to work together as a team and listen to each other’s ideas. A circle was made on the carpet and everybody had to fit inside the circle. Every time we completed it the circle got smaller! We had to really think about how we could make sure everybody was inside the circle and listen to each other carefully!

DSCF1027 DSCF1028



6.01.17: In Literacy this week we have been looking at our new book Flotsam that we will be focusing our writing on for the next week. Flotsam is a wordless story book full of pictures about a boy who finds a camera at the seaside full of pictures taken by sea creatures. We enjoyed reading the book together and using our imagination and inference skills to retell the story of Flotsam.

Book awards.


DSCF0983[1]  DSCF0985[1]

Ahoy Mateys

5.01.17 Yo-ho-ho, today was topic launch day! In order to introduce our new topic of Oceans, KS1 dressed up as pirates for a pirate activity filled day. We all looked ‘arrrrr’mazing dressed in stripes, skulls, and pirate hats. The pirates that ascended upon Allerton Bywater today went to pirate training camp, made treasure maps, designed and made their underwater animal and made and tested their own pirate boats. We then ended the day with a pirate party filled with pirate dancing and songs. 

DSCF0986 DSCF1003 DSCF0990  DSCF1004 DSCF1005 DSCF1006IMG_9368 IMG_9415 IMG_9429 IMG_9432DSCF1009


Christmas celebrations

16.12.16: During this last week of term we have been very lucky doing lots of things to celebrate Christmas including: Christmas church service, Christmas poetry assembly (where we performed a poem as a class), watching nativities, Christmas parties and the staff even surprised the children will a staff pantomime of Snow White and the Eight Dwarves! Have a look at the photos below to see all the fun we have had!DSCN2039

DSCF0968 DSCF0973 DSCF0975 DSCF0976 DSCF0977 DSCF0978 DSCF0980 DSCF0981 DSCF0982


13.12.16: In Science we have been learning about Everyday Materials. So today in science we made SLIME! Slime is a non Newtonian fluid because it acts like a liquid and a solid. In pairs we had a go finding the best quantities of each ingredient to make the perfect slime. The end products were amazing! If you want to have a go at making it at home all you need is: PVA glue and liquid laundry detergent.

DSCF0949 DSCF0951 DSCF0954 DSCF0956 DSCF0964 DSCF0959

Skipping Mania

24.11.16 What an exciting and tiring morning we had! This morning we all got changed into our P.E kits and worked up a sweat practicing our skipping skills. Lots of fun was had and you all really impressed me with your skipping skill. We practiced double bouncing, speed skipping, hopping, paired skipping,  side swinging and group skipping. Don’t forget to keep on practicing- remember practice makes perfect!!

DSCF0913 DSCF0909 DSCF0906 DSCF0902 DSCF0900 DSCF0889 DSCF0888 DSCF0886 DSCF0885 DSCF0884

Stay and Learn

22.11.16 Thank you to all parents who visited this morning for our stay and learn session. We hope you enjoyed your visit and didn’t mind getting too messy! The puffy paint look great and the art produced was very imaginative! I’m sure our instructions we will be writing later on in the week will be fantastic! Have a look at some of the photos that were taken during the session. 

DSCF0870 DSCF0873 DSCF0874 DSCF0876

Wear Something Spotty

18.11.16 Wow! How wonderful we all look! Today we have come to school dressed in spots and donated some money for Children in Need and we all look great! 


In aid of Children in Need we have been learning about empathy and using this to inspire our writing. We have been writing about how Children in Need help children and their families and how they feel as a result of this. We even wrote a Letter to Children in Need to thank and ask them to help lots more children.

DSCF0862 DSCF0863


DSCF0865 DSCF0864

Anti-Bullying Day

17.11.16 This week it has been Anti-Bullying week. To celebrate 2AW have been participating in a mix-up day with 2AC, 1GH and 1CH which included learning about being a kind friend and how to try and help bullying stop. We all had lots of fun by making friendship bracelets for our new friends, doing lots of role play and drama, making friendship hands and a challenge of trying to get tooth paste back into the tube (ask your child!!!). We learnt lots about friendship and bullying as well as having a good time and were able to write an anti-bullying story by the end of the day.

DSCF0859 DSCF0860 DSCF0861 IMG_8371 IMG_8374 IMG_8386 IMG_8396 IMG_8397 IMG_8417


Little Red Riding Hood

9.11.16 In literacy we have been preparing for our big write on Thursday. We have been reading the story of Little Red Riding hood and have been planning how we are going to retell the story with added description. We have been busy describing the characters using expanded noun phrases (the fierce, terrifying wolf), visiting the woods at the bottom of the school to help us with our setting descriptions and learning all about exclamation sentences (What big teeth you have!). This all helped us to create our own story maps so we could practice reading our story aloud before writing our fabulous, descriptive stories.

DSCF0801 DSCF0802 DSCF0803 DSCF0804 DSCF0805 DSCF0807 DSCF0809DSCF0806

Victorian Day

2.11.16 Wow! What an exciting day we have had! Today was the launch of our new topic and to celebrate we all dressed up like Victorians and had lots of fun learning all about The Victorians and their life. The day involved baking a Victoria sponge, making Victorian dresses, playing with Victorian games, making Victorian silhouettes and experiencing a Victorian classroom. Lots of amazing learning was had and we ended the day with a tea party, where we ate our cake we baked earlier.


DSCF0780 DSCF0782 DSCF0783 DSCF0785 DSCN1913 DSCN1921  DSCF0797DSCN2800 IMG_8145

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