Year 6 Leavers 2019


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16th July – Ready for tomorrow

Year 6 – here is the link you need: get some practice in tonight! Mrs Brown

12th July – Pride of the week

It was such a difficult choice this week as every single person in Year 6 has made me so incredibly proud both during dress rehearsals and then on Thursday during their performances to family and friends. However, the Pride of 6MH this week goes to Alfie J. This young man has blown me away over the last half-term with his dedication to our production – not only learning all of his own lines almost instantaneously (and he had more than a few!) and singing every song clearly and confidently, but also learning (and sometimes performing!) all the other children’s lines too. You are a true asset to Year 6 Alfie!

Mrs Brown


The Year 6 production is in just under two weeks and preparations are underway in earnest in school. Click here for a link to the mp3 files if you would like to practise the songs at home!

28th June – Pride of the week

It was an even harder choice than usual this week as each and every child has impressed us so much with their behaviour and attitude at Brigshaw, however, the Pride of 6MH this week is Mckenzie. Mckenzie has taken to high school life like a duck to water this week, fitting straight into the routines, negotiating her way around campus and making a great first impression to each and every teacher in lessons. I have absolutely no doubt Mckenzie will be an asset to Brigshaw when she arrives in September if she continues in the way she started this week. Well done Mckenzie!

Mrs Brown

27th June – Virtual Middle School – Day Three

Our final day at high school! Today the children have sampled Drama (very useful with our end of year production in under a fortnight!), English, Geography and Dance. Each and every one of them has made us incredibly proud of how they have adapted to high school life and of their efforts in each and every lesson. Bring on September!

25th June – Virtual Middle School: Day Two

Two days in and Year 6 are still impressing us at Brigshaw!

24th June – Virtual Middle School: Day One

Year Six have finished their first day at high school today! Click here to see some photos of our first session: a Technology lesson involving a marshmallow and some spaghetti! The children also had taster sessions in Maths, Languages and PE. On the timetable for tomorrow: Business Studies, Art, English and Science!

21st June – Pride of the Week

Due to holidays, trips and school events, it has been such a long time since we have celebrated a pride of the week in Year Six!

The Pride of 6MH this week is Elizabeth. Elizabeth is someone who could be chosen for Pride every week due to her efforts and achievements across all subjects, however, this is not the reason for my choice this week. Elizabeth has particularly stood out recently due to her courage in the face of adversity, her determination and, of course, her incredible sense of humour. She has certainly taught the adults a thing or two about perseverance over the last month or so. You are a superstar Elizabeth!

20th June – Sports Day

What a fantastic afternoon of sport we had yesterday for our annual ABPS Sports Day. A huge well done to all of the Year Six competitors who gave each race their very best but also ensured they showed great sportsmanship throughout. A special mention goes to the 13 Year Six children chosen by Mr Turner to help out with each race: their rosy red faces by the end of the afternoon certainly reflected how much effort they’d put in!

14th June – Marvellous Maths

Over the next few weeks in Maths, Year Six will be revisiting all of the objectives they would like to deepen their knowledge of and they are off to a truly flying start. This week, they have been focusing on their knowledge of number: prime numbers, square numbers, cube numbers, factors and multiples to name just a few! All of the children have stretched and challenged themselves brilliantly, but four in particular have absolutely blown us away: showing true determination and Maths understanding to solve a Factors and Multiples puzzle  (even begging to stay in at break as they were on the cusp of a solution!). The hard work paid off!

10th June – Big Trust Sports Day

The fun never ends in Year Six at the moment – no sooner had we rested and recovered over the weekend than we were off again on our next day out! A Sports Day like no other – 8 schools, 900 children competing in 4 different events: click here to see Brigshaw PE’s tweet about the day. I am incredibly proud to say that Year Six brought home not one but two first place trophies, finishing in third place overall out of all eight competing schools.

7th June – Lightwater Valley

What a destination for Year Six’s second trip of the week and a well-deserved end-of-year treat to celebrate and reward all the hard work they have put in over the year. The children were an absolute credit to school: all the adults that accompanied us felt incredibly proud to be represented by such an awesome group of children.

6th June – Year 6 go to university!

Year 6 have had a fantastic time at Leeds Beckett university today, visiting the Headingley Campus for a day filled with campus treasure hunts, university terminology bingo and performance pieces. The children finished off the day making their own graduation hats ready for a hat parade and prize giving. It was great to hear the children discussing their future career plans which included at least one police dog handler, two vets, an advertiser and a radiologist!

5th June – Topic Launch Day

This half-term, we are focusing on the work of three different artists: Matisse, Magritte and Lowry. Today we kick-started our learning with a Topic Launch Day during which the children had a taster session of each artist, moving around workshops led by Mrs McPhillips (Magritte), Mr Allinson (Matisse) and Mrs Brown (Lowry). It was brilliant to see the focused attitude from the children and to watch their art skills flourishing.



3rd June – Welcome back

Click here for this half-term’s newsletter which includes an outline of some of the key dates for Year 6 this half-term – it’s going to be a very busy one!

20th May – Tag Rugby Triumph

Some of the children in Year 6 took part in a Tag Rugby tournament at Brigshaw High School this afternoon, competing against lots of the other local primary schools. I am VERY proud to report that our sporting champions won every single game they played, bringing individual medals and a very shiny team trophy back to their very impressed classmates. Click here to see Brigshaw PE Twitter report of the event.

17th May – SATs celebrations

They came, they saw and they conquered! I cannot describe how incredibly proud all the adults are of how well 6MH handled their SATs tests this week: determination, perseverance and confidence in spades. And a pizza reward to celebrate their successes. Well done Year 6!

Mrs Brown

10th May – Pride of the week

The Pride of 6MH this week is Alicja! Alicja has worked her socks off all week and this focused attitude has paid off – reaching her own, personally set target of 40/40 in a practice arithmetic test yesterday, just in time for next week. I think the rest of the class were even happier for her than she was for herself that she’d finally achieved her goal! Alicja always shows a quiet determination in class but just recently has become much more confident in getting her (always fantastic!) ideas heard so the rest of the children can benefit from the things that she knows. Keep it up Alicja – and bring on next week 🙂

Mrs Brown

10th May – Graffiti Revision

Year 6 have spent this morning drawing all over the tables in order to revise, revisit and remind themselves of all the Grammar, Maths and Reading skills they’ll need for next week. Homework for the weekend – to eat lots, play outside and get plenty of rest!

7th May – Preparing for SATs

As I’m sure you are all aware, children in Year 6 will be sitting their SATs tests very soon. They have worked extremely hard all year and we are very proud of them all – as we have said repeatedly in class, the tests aren’t something for them to worry over, all the children can be expected to do is their very best!

We will be playing lots of revision games and completing lot of revision challenges in class this week to make sure the children are completely prepared and confident. For some helpful revision links to continue the practice at home, click here

Please remember that all of Year Six can come to Breakfast Club for free during SATs week – it would be fantastic to see lots of them there. Breakfast club doors are open from 7:30am and I’m sure Mrs Allanson and Mrs Oldroyd will be ordering in some special breakfast treats!

30th April – Pattern Seeking in Science

Today in Science, Year 6 planned and conducted their own pattern seeking enquiries, aiming to answer the big question: do larger flowers have a greater number of petals? After much measuring, discussing, counting and tracking we have concluded that there appears to be no pattern between the size of a flower and the number of petals it has. We have however discovered that finding out produces great pot pourri to make our classroom smell lovely!

26th April – Pride of the week

After some very difficult decision making, the Pride of 6MH this week went to Alfie L. Alfie has had a fantastic week: working hard, focusing well and encouraging others, however these were not the reasons Alfie was selected for Pride. This was actually for his incredible contribution during Maths. We have been looking at ‘ratio’ throughout the week, a challenging concept that the children discover for the first time in Year 6. Not only did Alfie master the concept for himself, but he was then selected to coach others. Alfie did this so confidently and clearly that one of the children he coached managed to move on to completing some greater depth questions independently. Well done Alfie! I’m looking forward to some time with my feet up next week as you take over the class 🙂

Mrs Brown

Summer One

Welcome back and to the penultimate half-term of Year 6! I feel very privileged to be taking on the role of their class teacher at such a busy and exciting period in their school life. Check back here regularly for updates on all the fantastic learning that has been going on.

Click here for this half-term’s newsletter.

Mrs Brown

W/C 21st January 2019

We’ve had another busy week in 6MH.  The children have been editing and improving their newspaper reports before starting a brand new topic of story-writing.  I’m so impressed with the children’s efforts and stories so far – they have been learning to build tension and their fantastic ideas and methods make for very engaging reading.

In maths, we have been exploring the connections between decimals, fractions and percentages and the children’s confidence with this has grown across the week.  This style of thinking will really support children with success in SATs and next year in KS3.

Children pretended to be Roman invaders in History and planned their invasion and colonisation of a Celtic town; they listed the changes they would make to the town and identified how these changes are still present in British society today.

W/C 14th January 2019

This week, we started with an exciting ‘Mad Science’ assembly where children saw how we can use red cabbage to test acids and alkaline’s pHs, and witnessed a dramatic experiment where ‘Kinetic Katie’ set her hand alight (it was all, of course, done very safely!).

On Tuesday, children enjoyed using Kahoot to test their knowledge of how the Romans changed Britain.  They each became mini-experts and taught each other about their area of specialism.

On Wednesday, children learned about their rights under the European Convention on Human RIghts, which will be the PSHE theme for the next few weeks.

On Thursday, the children were super excited to use their very own packs of highlighters, which is part of our approach to reading.  The children use different colour highlighters to show then they are using different reading strategies.  Not only did the children have lots of fun, but they were also able to see what reading strategies they needed to work on – as that strategy’s colour was missing.  For most children, this was ‘thinking like a detective’: looking for clues in the text to make inferences.

Today, children are writing their newspaper reports on an event in our class novel: Brightstorm.  The children are writing about a house that turned into a sky-ship which is part of a competitive expedition to discover new lands.  The children will also be taking home an arithmetic paper to learn off by heart; this will be their maths homework for next week.

W/C 7th January 2019

Happy New Year! It has been a wonderful week of learning in the first week of the Spring Term.  The children have been introduced to our new book, Brightstorm: A Sky-Ship Adventure, and have read up to chapter 4.  We have found that Maudie’s and Arthur’s father has been killed in an accident in South Polaris – but it sounds very suspicious.  Maudie and Arthur now have to move from Brightstorm Hall to their guardian’s house – but the question is: how long will they stay there and will the the truth about their father’s disappearance come out?

In writing we have been beginning our topic of newspaper reports, and children have been practising writing in different styles.  Some children have set their targets as having to write both direct and indirect speech.  The difference between these is:

“I walked to school this morning,” said Joe. – Direct speech

Joe said that he had walked to school this morning. – Reported speech

In maths, we have begun our topic on decimals.  Children have been learning the place value of decimals so that they can read and write numbers up to three decimal places.  We have also been exploring multiplying and dividing decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.  The children have been learning that the digits do not change, rather they shift to the left or right depending on whether they are being multiplied or divided.

Topic launch day on Tuesday was very successful and the children learned about a range of things: Roman military drill; reasons for the invasion of Britain; and a little bit of Latin! They also learned about Roman mosaics and built some models of London landmarks.  In topic, children learned about the rebellion of Boudicca.

In science, we have started our topic of Evolution and Inheritance.  Children have learnt which characteristics they have inherited from their parents, and they also played at being ‘dog breeders’, breeding new types of dogs to meet a criteria of characteristics.  We have had a range of fabulous names from “Pug Terriers” to “Jack Pugles”.

W/C 26th November

This week, we are learning how we light allows us to see.  At first, we knew that we needed light to see, but weren’t exactly sure as to why.  Following an experiment involving torches and black paper, we were able to understand that light travels from a source, in straight lines and reflects off objects into our eyes.

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  1. Sharon Coote

    These are brilliant photographs! What a happy looking class of children. Thankyou for sharing them.

  2. Sophie Atkinson

    I’m gonna miss primary school I’ve had an amaizing journey throughout my 8 years of learning I made friends created life long lasting memories and bonds I’m gonna miss evreyone even the teachers and younger years x❤️

  3. Alecia r

    I am going to miss primary school so much it just means a lot but before I go up to high schools I want to say a big thank you to all the teachers that have taught us they have made us all so proud xx

  4. Rosie Birch

    I’ll also miss everyone its been so much fun. We have had so many challenges through out primary school. But the best part is that we have faced all the challenges together which will make primary school such a happy memory.

  5. Rosie Birch

    I’ll miss everyone too, especially the friends I’ve made that are going to different schools. We have had so many challenges through out ABPS. But it was the people around me that have helped me and everyone else face them together as a team. The teachers have also been a big part of the amazing 8 years we have had. I hope we have a great few weeks left here.


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